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Allah says in the holy Quran: And We sent down in the Quran such things that have healing and mercy for the believers (al-Isra, 17:82) Quran contains everything that man needs to make his life better. Unfortunately, we may not

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Earning a decent livelihood is a fundamental part of faith. It is reported by Jabir that the Prophet (pbuh) said: “The flesh and body that is raised on unlawful sustenance shall not enter Paradise. Hell is more deserving to the


With Ramadan here and families have already started stocking their cupboards with different essential food items, it’s important for us to know which of those supplements are healthy and how to consume them. It’s believed that fasting during the holy


It is common knowledge, at least to every Muslim that Islam prohibits the giving and receiving of riba  (interest).  This has deterred many a people from taking mortgage loans from conventional banks. Because of this Islamic financial institutions have come


You’ve spent countless days waking up late, binge watching your favorite TV shows, and laying on the beach.You’re enjoying yourself and then you come to an uncomfortable realization: it’s time to go back to work. Making the transition from vacation

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Making decisions, for most people, can be really tough. This is even worse when you’re a leader running a business, as the inability to make good decisions at the spur of the moment can be detrimental. Take a look at


Ramadan is said to the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. As we approach Ramadan, we can’t help much but think of it. We often think about the timing, day-to-day activities and how to adapt to the changes. According to


The path to righteousness starts now! In times of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world adapt to changes in behavior, all in the stride to being the best version of their selves and better Muslims. Preparing yourself for Ramadan is


In Islam, marriages are formed with the intention to please Allah. The beauty of marriage lies between the spouses and Allah. With prayers and faith, anything is possible in life, Just as much as there’s beauty in marriage, there is