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Let Allah Be the Judge

Judging something, particularly someone is not a good thing to do. Of cause judges do judge, but that’s their job and they do it just for the purposes of law and order. But what I am talking of here is


Note: Views Expressed in this article are solely the opinions of the writer and should not be misconstrued as representing the editorial policy of Muslim Inc.  Qaddafi noted on many occasions that the Libyan Revolution had a sacred duty to

Mensturation Calc

In Islam a woman who is divorced have to wait at least three monthly periods before she can remarry again. For a grieving woman who just lost her husband this waiting period is four months and ten days. If the


In a world where a small body is seen as the ideal size, millions of people take great care in what they eat so as not to get too overweight. Just go down the aisles in any supermarket, you will

How To Win War Against World Hunger

There is a big problem in the world called Hunger. Those of us who are blessed with all the food we can eat, may not know how severe the problem is but it exists. The whole month of Ramadan is