Celebs you wouldn’t have guessed were Muslim (Cont.)

You’ll probably want to know more Muslim celebs after reading the first part of this article. Here they are!

Busta Rhymes


Busta Rhymes was born in Red Hook, New York City, New York, United States of America. He is 43 years old and has stated in interviews that” he is Muslim and that the religion grounds him”. He is a Record producer, Rapper, Actor, Composer, Voice acting etc.  His name has popped up The Greatest Rappers of All Time and The Dopest Rappers of the ’90s.


Casey Kasemcasey-kasem-photo-u7

Casey Kasem was a Music Historian, Film Producer, Radio personality, Actor, Disc jockey and died at 82 in 2104. He was born in Michigan, USA, Detroit and was a member The Druze, an offshoot of Islam. He is well known for his role in Ghostbusters, Battle of the Planets, What’s New and Scooby-Doo. He was ranked 23rd of 114 in The Best Animated Voiceover Performances 25th of 64 in The All-Time Best Voice Actors.

Big Daddy Kanebig-daddy-kane-photo-u9

Big Daddy Kane was born in Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York City, USA and is 47 years old. He is a member of the black Muslim sect, the Five Percent Nation. He is Record producer, Songwriter, Rapper, Musician, Model, etc. Famous for his role in 25th Hour, Blade: Trinity, Block Party and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He ranked 28th OF 228 for The Best Rap Lyricists of All Time

Chali 2nachali-2na-photo-u3

Born in USA, Chicago, Illinois, Jurassic 5 rapper Chali 2na was raised Muslim by his grandmother in South Central Los Angeles. He is a 44 year old rapper and actor. He has starred in Never Been Kissed and This Is the Life




The 46 year old Songwriter, Rapper, Musician, Singer-songwriter and Actor converted from Catholicism to Islam in 1996. He was born in USA, New York, Valley Stream he has starred in Gone Baby Gone, Big Daddy, Heat, End of Days. He ranked 16th OF 428 for The Greatest White Rappers of All Time.

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