Common Mistakes Regarding Jummah

Friday is considered a sacred day by Muslims as a result of the ritual Jummah prayers held in the forenoon of the day. The Jummah prayer is the weekly congregational gathering of believers to which Muslims are required to attend. Despite the numerous virtues associated with this prayer, many people still make some common mistakes that require rectification.

#1.Missing the Friday congregational prayer without valid reason

Many individuals miss the Friday congregational prayers with quiet unreasonable excuses and this is indeed a mistake that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Unless a person is an invalid or is seriously sick, one should try by all means to make it to this very important prayer.

#2.Showing little interest in the Friday sermons (Khutba)

Many Muslims make a mistake in not attaching enough importance to the sermons of the Imam called Khutba while at the Masjid for the Jummah prayers. Either they do not concentrate to the Imam’s sermon or they come to the Masjid late thus missing much of the sermon. In any case, one should strive hard to be present all through the sermons with esteem concentration.

#3.Engaging in Trade After the Friday Call to Prayer

Buying and selling or engaging in any other kind of work is prohibited after the Friday call to prayer (Adhan) is made. One should immediately stop all activities immediately after the call requiring Muslims to gather for the congregational prayer is made.

#4.Moving An Already Seated person

Asking an already seated individual to move so someone else can occupy his place is another mistake that happens in many places. It is common to see younger people being asked to vacate their spots in favor of older worshipers coming in late to the Jummah Salah. This should not be encouraged. Only someone who is drowsy and is at risk of falling asleep in their sitting position is encouraged to change their place. This is in order to allow them wake up from their slumber.

#5.Speaking during the Khutba

It is also common to see some people engaging in conversations during the Khutba (sermon) of Jummah. This is forbidden. No conversations are allowed during this time. On that light, worshipers should turn off their phones/mute their phones or other gadgets so that they will not cause any noise that will distract the other worshipers.

Many worshipers are careful not to talk during the Khutba of Jummah, will turn off or mute their phones but would forget to set their watches in such a way that the watches won’t set off an alarm during the Khutba and Jummah prayers. This is a common mistake that requires careful attention.

#6.Ignoring the Ritual Bath before Going to Jummah

Turning a blind eye to performing the ritual bath of the entire body (khusul) on Friday is a common mistake for many people. The failure to wear perfume and the failure to use a ‘miswak’ (a tweak to clean the teeth) and not wearing nice clothing are other mistakes that many people make often.

#7.Lengthening the sermon and shortening the prayer

This is a common mistake for many Imams. The Imam should make a brief sermon and a prayer that is reasonable in length. A lengthy sermon accompanied by a very short prayer is the norm for many Imams, but this is a mistake. Both the Khutba and the Salah itself should be balanced. The Imam should bear in mind that some in his congregation may be old, sick or not too healthy.

Worshipers should also avoid stepping over people and forcibly sitting between others who are already seated. However, where there is space, worshipers are also encouraged to make room and not sit in ways that they will take up more than the space necessary for their size.

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