Comprehensive supplications from the hadiths (Part 2)

#1. ‘Abdallah ibn ‘Abbas reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, prayed to Allah, “My Lord, help me and do not turn against me. Grant me victory, and do not grant victory over me. Plan on my behalf and do not plan against me. Guide me, and make the guidance easy for me. Grant me victory over those who act wrongfully toward me. O Allah, make me grateful to You, mindful of You, in awe of You, devoted to your obedience,humble, penitent, and ever turning to You in repentance. My Lord, accept my repentance, wash away my sins, answer my supplication, clearly establish my evidence, guide my heart, make my tongue true, and draw out malice from my breast.”

#2. Zaid ibn Arqam said, “I am not going to say anything except what Allah’s Messenger, may peace be upon him, used to say. He used to supplicate, ‘O Allah, I seek refuge in You from incapacity, from sloth, from cowardice, from miserliness, from old age, and from the torment of the grave. O Allah, grant my soul righteousness, and purify it, for You are the Best Purifier. You are the Protecting friend, and Guardian. O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the knowledge that does not benefit, from a heart that does not fear You, from a soul that is uncontented, and from supplication to which You do not respond.” (Muslim)

#3. The Prophet, peace be upon him, exclaimed to his Companions, “O people, would you like to be serious in your supplications?” They replied, “Yes, O Allah’s Messenger.” He said, “Then ask Him, ‘O Allah, help us in remembering You, in offering thanks to You, and in worshipping You properly’.’ (Al-Hakim)

#4. Ahmad reports that the Prophet, peace be upon him, advised: “Recite frequently, “Ya dha al-jalali w al-ikram (O, Possessor of Majesty and sublimity)”‘.

Aishah says that the Prophet, peace be upon him, loved the short but comprehensive, meaningful supplications, more than others. We give below some of these supplications, which are a must for every believer.

#5. Anas reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, frequently prayed, “O Allah, give us all the good of this world, and the good of the life hereafter, and save us from the punishment of the fire.”

#6. The Prophet, peace be upon him, also used to say, “O Controller of the Hearts, make my heart firm in Your faith. The balance is in the hands of the Beneficent, the Exalted, the Mighty, and He honors some and brings others low thereby. (Ahmad)

#7. Ibn ‘Umar reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, used to supplicate, “O Allah, I seek refuge in You against deprivation of Your bounties, against loosing Your security, against the suddenness of Your wrath, and against everything that might cause Your anger.”

#8. The Prophet, peace be upon him, used to say, “O Allah, benefit me with what You have taught me, and teach me what is beneficial for me, and increase me in knowledge. Thanks be to Allah under all circumstances, and I seek Allah’s refuge from the plight of the people of the fire.’ (At-Tirmidhi)

#9. When (his daughter) Fatimah came to the Prophet, peace be upon him, asking him to give her a servant, he said, “Say, ‘O Allah, the Lord of the seven heavens, and the magnificent throne, our Lord and the Lord of all things, the Revealer of the Torah, Injil, and the Qur’an, The Splitter and Grower of the seed grain and date stone, I seek Your refuge against the evil of all things that You hold under Your control. You are the First, there is nothing before You. You are the Last, and there is nothing after You. You are the Manifest and there is nothing above You, You are Innermost and there is nothing beyond You. Remove the burden of debt from us and relieve us from want’.’ (Muslim)


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