Developing A Reading Culture in Your Children

Parents have a significant role of conveying knowledge to the bright and young Muslim minds that have incredible potential for learning and retaining information. Reading to your child is an enjoyable experience for both you and the child. There are many benefits for reading to your child and there are many children’s books as well that contain valuable Islamic lessons in them.

There are books written by Muslims for Muslim children and mostly focusing on Islamic principles, Qur’anic messages or the story of the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) incorporated with imaginative and interesting features. You can instill a love of books and reading in your children by using such books, either for learning purpose or just for fun.

Here are some benefits of reading to your children:

  • Opening a book and reading to your child can be very effective in calming your kids down, whether they are just looking at picture books,  or reaching for a favorite story book.
  • Reading to your child is also important in helping create a parent-to-child bond. It can distract your child from their electronic devices and allow you more quality time with your kids.
  • Reading can also be a great way of giving moral lessons to your children.

Below are some tips to develop young readers:

  • Make sure to make the reading fun and interesting for both you and the child. You can associate reading time with positive family time. Create a special place for the storing and reading of the books.
  • You should also provide your kids with a variety of books. It is important to develop love for reading in your child by providing them with a variety of books. You can start with picture books with bold and fun pictures and increase the complexity of the books gradually.
  • You can also visit public libraries on a regular basis. Let them choose their own books sometimes and give them the time to explore and find new books of their liking.
  • You should also develop a reading routine for the family. Create a specific time or times of the day where your children can choose a variety of books to be read out aloud to them. If your child sees this time as a positive time, he will associate reading with being positive and he will grow up loving to read.

Try to buy the most suitable or beneficial books for your child, because not every book is beneficial to your child. You should read reviews before buying books and also look for books that can keep your child interested.  Buy the right books for your kids’ age, and also make sure they are fun to read. Our religion places a special significance on reading, as well as gaining knowledge.

Developing love for reading in your child will give him an advantage in learning and retaining information as he gets older.

May Allah (SwT) help us and make it easy for us to teach our children about Him.


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