Discussing Mental Health in the Muslim Community

Mental health is one of the most sensitive topics today. Quite a good number of us believe that talking about someone’s vulnerabilities is a major crime and that it should be kept private. So on a quest to keep it private, we hide it from the world then try to lock it away in some part of our brain. What a few of us know is that the stigma behind mental health was actually placed in by us and we are the only ones that can amend it to make that change.

One of the worst aspect of stigma is the growing list of complications. Can you imagine what this can add to a person suffering from mental illness?

In our local Muslim communities we find it hard to express ourselves or be understood. Most times in circumstances such has mental health, the topic is ignored even though we’ll know the best response is to try to overcome the problem.

In fact the most replies we get from our families is “it’s nothing. They’re just thoughts. Stop thinking too much.”

One of the ways to cure mental illness is to identify the signs from the get-go before it gets too late and ones it becomes late, it can be a “psychological cancer’.

We should all try to be open minded, listen to how the person is feeling, if it is above normal to your own understanding then try to get a specialist.

I hope and pray we step out of the stigma bobble and be ready to help out. Reach out to people, as much as you can.

Create change!

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