Dubai airport sets a record of 7.7m passengers in a month

Dubai International Airport was very proud of its monthly traffic report which saw a 6.1% increase in year-on-year. The airport recorded over 7.7 million passengers during the month of August and this figure is one of a kind for the airport.

The inrush of UAE nationals that were on vacation returning for the beginning of the school year was also a contributing factor to the increased number of passengers arriving at the Dubai International Airport.

With Dubai introducing numerous business opportunities, Eastern Europe has now become taken the lead to becoming the fastest growing market with a growth rate of 67.9%, seconded by Asia with 13%, South America 11.7% and the Indian Subcontinent 11.7%.

However India remained the unbeatable top destination country with over 924,256 passengers, followed by the UK with 5894,508 passengers while Saudi Arabia has 535,280 passengers.

Although it didn’t take the top country position, London was able to retain the best destination city, seconded by Doha and Kuwait. Baku however took the leading position to become the fastest city in terms of percentage growth, followed by Mashhad 1118.6% and Boston 88.2%.

According to reports from the Dubai International Airport, there was about 237 passengers per flight for the month of August, which is one of the highest figure recorded.

However in comparison to August of 2015 which recorded a 34,773 aircraft movement, there was drop in August 2016 which recorded 33,827 aircraft movement.

For the first eight months of the year 2016, passenger traffic reached 55,850,353 passengers as opposed to the 52,264,223 recorded for the same period in the previous year.

There was also a 2.9% to 276,233 growth rate in 2016 from that of 2015 which was at 268,360.

According to the CEO of Dubai Airports, Paul Griffiths,” having back to back record breaking traffic is a terrific way to commemorate the 56th anniversary of DXB which took place last week. As the airport continue to growth, it will not only follow the trend of keep abreast with the world’s busiest airports but operate with the world’s top ranking customer service providers.”

The chief analyst at Strategic Aero Research, Saj Ahmad cited that Dubai International Airport has not only grown to become one of the best airports globally but also a transit point.

“With over 56 million passengers for just the first six months of the years, it seems as if Dubai International Airport is poised to set another record by the end of the year,” added Saj.

He quickly went on saying that with the rapid rate of growth experienced at the airport, the government will be taking steps towards the acceleration of the Dubai World Trade Center.

According to the latest report released by the Airports Council International, Dubai took the leading position as the world’s busiest airport for international traffic in 2015, followed by London Heathrow and then Hong Kong.

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