Dubai Sets Record Breaking Airport Passenger Numbers

Latest figures released by Dubai Airports, the operators of Dubai International Airport, shows that 8.23 million travelers jetted into the emirate in the month of August 2017. This figure represents a 6.6% jump in the number of travelers through the airport compared to data for the same month a year ago.  August’s record breaking visitor numbers comes on the heels of the 8.07 million travelers recorded for July and the 8.04 million travelers recorded for January 2017.

These latest numbers are solidifying Dubai International Airport as the world’s busiest airport for international traffic. According to the Airports operator, August was its busiest month ever. It attributes the spike in passengers to seasonal increases in travelers.

Elsewhere, data from the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics shows that only 4 million international travelers visited the kingdom in July, the latest month for which such data is available. For the UK, July 2017 figures are a 6% improvement in the number of travelers for the same month a year ago. July 2017 is the first time that traveler figures into the UK reached 4 million. This is according to analysis of data from the time the UK started keeping track of international passenger figures.

While Dubai continues to enjoy a comfortable lead in the number of international travelers, with an average increase of 7.2% passengers for every flight, the emirate recorded a reduced number of aircraft take-offs and landings – known as flight movements in aviation terminology. Available data indicates that the emirate recorded a 1.7% drop in flight movements for August this year.

With regards to handled cargo, the emirate recorded a comfortable 10.1% increase from the same month last year. This year, the Airport handled 221,508 tonnes of cargo for the month of August alone.

According to predictions made by the research firm Euromonitor, thousands of international visitors may keep away from visiting London and the UK generally as a result of the series of terror attacks in the city of London. The firm predicts that even if the authorities succeeded in preventing another terrorist incident, the kingdom and the city will take three years to fully recover from the scares of the three terrorist incidents that happened in the city within a spade of three months earlier this year.

According to travel experts, the attacks have wrecked a serious havoc on the Kingdom’s brand and image as a favorite travel destination.  Recently many foreign visitors and tourists have flocked into London thanks to a weakened pound that made travelling to the city cheaper. However recent gains in traveler figures looks to slump in the next few years as the back to back London attacks continue to reverberate across the world.

Dubai however has been lucky in that no major incident has happened in the city or within its sister emirates forming the UAE. Seen as a generally safe destination, millions of travelers are expected to continue to visit the emirate in the coming years.

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