Dubai Start-up Launches Artificial Intelligence Learning Platform

The world’s first complete platform for skill development for professionals and students powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have recently been unveiled by a Dubai based start-up Black Cube Solutions, a frontier tech company.

It is the only platform that brings together all the stakeholders of the skill development ecosystem, comprising of corporations, universities, training providers and executive education providers.

Peer Mohaideen Sait, the founder and CEO of Training Calendar said that the greatest challenge to governments and corporations across the world is skill development. This he said, is why they came up with the idea of Training Calendar. He added that their product is aligned with the UAE’s national strategy on innovation and is focused on skill development.

Training calendar has made it possible for each of the stakeholders to be able to address their most critical areas of interest.

Training Calendar has AI Powered Skill Gap Analysis for university students and professionals that enables them to create a Detailed Skill Chart showing the skill levels and gaps. It also helps students in bench marking skills against target roles that they want to pursue. Skills are also bench marked for professionals against their current responsibilities.

As a result, the system generates a course recommendation based on existing skill gaps, plus free as well as paid for courses to build missing skills. The interface offers a match percentage for every job through the Job Scan feature. Training Calendar does not charge anything from university students and professionals for any of the analysis.

Training Calendar allows corporations to update and upgrade existing Job Descriptions to global standards through the JDSkills. It automatically builds Skill based succession planning.


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