Eid Made Special

Did you know that in the past few years modest fashion and halal food industries had experienced a huge rise in the West? This is as a result of the growth of Muslim communities  especially in Canada, Europe, USA as well as in other places in the west where Muslims live in.

Looking at the current trend we can predict that the next major breakthrough might be in Muslim celebrations. It is a fact that Muslims living in the west take part in many celebrations throughout the year. The two Eids for instance are important celebrations for Muslims. There is a surprising new niche market opening  for Eid-focused products beyond the normal food and clothing for the festivities.

Hafsa Pathan And the Innovative Honey Lemon Eid Project

In Canada for example, not long ago there was the launching of what was dubbed as the Honey Lemon Eid project. The project is beginning to shape up  the Eid celebration industry. It was created by Hafsa Pathan who is a Canadian Muslim and a PR  executive in the Toronto area. Her motives are to make Eid as mainstream as possible. This stems from her wish to pass down the spirit of Eid in a creative way to her son and  to the next generation of  Muslims in the west as well as being able to share their celebration of Eid with non-Muslims.

This year Hafsa found a way to achieve her objectives and she did it by creating accessible and affordable Eid-themed products including plates, Eid decorations, gift bags, gift wraps and many other products. She has made a lot of success.  A major Canadian retailer agreed to sell Hafsa’s products at one of its stores and the first consignments were quickly sold out.

Hafsa was always hoping that her products will be featured at a mainstream retail outlet so that they can be more accessible to general public. It was a perfect way to show that there is a demand for more Islamic themed products in wider society. We have also heard of similar projects underway across North America and in Europe as well. Hafsa hopes to serve as an inspiration to all who want to follow her lead in bringing more Islamic themed products into the mainstream.

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