Emirates Airlines Losses Passenger Delay pay-out Battle

Emirates Airlines said it is very let down after a court ruling rejected the airline’s permission to appeal in relation to passenger compensation for missed connections outside the European Union (EU).

Emirates is a Dubai-based airline in the UAE. Emirates Airline is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group, which is in whole owned by the Dubai government’s Investment Corporation of Dubai. In the Middle East, Emirates is the biggest airline working more than 3,600 flights per week from its center at Dubai International Airport, to over 140 cities in 81 countries across 6 continents.

The United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority applauded the verdict made by the Supreme Court, saying it will now progress its enforcement action against Emirates to ensure that the airline complies with the law, requiring them to amend their policies and practices and pay claims that it had previously refused to honor.

For failing to compensate passengers that had suffered a long delay in spring 2017 as a result of a missed connection outside the European Union, the UK Civil Aviation Authority commenced enforcement action against five airlines, including Emirates Airlines.

Following the Civil Aviation Authority’s enforcement action, four of the airlines moved into compliance, Emirates however sought leave to appeal to the Supreme Court, which has now been refused.

A spokesperson of Emirates Airline said that they are very disappointed by the ruling of the Supreme Court, denying them leave to appeal against the earlier judgment of the High Court in relation to the application of Regulation EC261 to flights of non-Community carriers originating outside of the European Union.

The spokesperson said that as one of the biggest airlines in the world, they always fulfill all legal requirements and based on the judgment, they will advise customers of their approach in due course.

The Supreme Court in its verdict stated that Emirates Airline’s plea did not raise an arguable point of law, because the Court of Justice of the European Union had already given a clear answer.

Chief executive officer of the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority, Andrew Haines said that the priority of Emirates should be to look after its passengers, and not finding ways in which they can prevent their passengers accessing their rights.

Haines said that since the Emirates have been unsuccessful in its attempts to overturn the judgment of the Court of Appeal, millions of pounds worth of compensation is now due to the customers of the airline. He added that it is time for Emirates to pay what it owes.

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