Engagement Rings: Is It Okay For Men And Women To Wear Them?

As one of the most precious moments of everyone’s life, Engagements are a blessing. It is said that the highest happiness on earth is marriage but in order to successfully tie the knot, couples usually go through engagement first. Engagement rings are obtained as a result of the engagement itself. This ring is one of those gifts that the man gives the woman he intends to marry, therefore engagement rings are given before the marriage officially takes place.

We should take note that engagements are a newly adopted custom and is thus innovation. An engagement is an initial request and preparatory step towards the marriage and it is only by the marriage itself that the rights and obligations are established.

Although the nature of an engagement or proposal should be simple, what we see nowadays is completely different. A lot of people have introduced many customs and forms into the engagement process. Big parties are organized in which the members of the man and woman’s family are invited, special foods are prepared, and so much extravagance is seen. However, these may differ according to cultures as some cultures will celebrate the engagement while others don’t.

One thing that you can be sure of is that the engagement is normally announced. This is done to let members of the society know that a certain man has intended to marry a certain woman and this is reasonably justified. In some Muslim societies, a recitation of the Surah Al-Fatiha takes place and the fiancé gives the fiancée an engagement ring.

Well, there’s nothing in Islam that calls for engagement parties. Truth is, such practice are unknown to the religion and ought not to take place. It merely shows that we’re following the customs that other people have invented without knowing the roots of those customs. In any case, the exchange of engagement rings is a foreign practice that has been adopted by Muslims and practiced by many today.

Whichever way, various legal scholars, and jurists have agreed that it is allowed for the women to wear golden rings and that such is not permissible for men. This has been proven by one of the sayings of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) reported by Abu Hurairah that “golden rings are prohibited for men”.

From this saying, one can contend that men are not supposed to wear such rings and that women are allowed to, since such hasn’t been covered in the hadith. Other scholars have also stated that this practice is a blind imitation of the disbelievers and the Prophet (P.B.U.H) has warned us about blindly following disbelievers: “Whoever resembles a people is one of them”.

Whether exchanging engagement rings is haram or halal, Allah knows best. However, from what we’ve gathered so far we can see that it is not permissible for men to put on golden rings and this is the contrary for women. So we should be conscious of our Islamic laws and try not to violate them. A Muslim must have due belief in Allah and try to live up to His expectations rather than the expectations of his fellow being. If you want to do an engagement, think of what Islam says about it and if you carry on with it, make it halal.

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