Expo 2020 to Boost U.A.E Reputation as Events Destination

An industry expert has said that the Expo 2020 will improve the global reputation of the UAE as the go-to place for major events because of its leading innovation in the Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) sector.

Alan Kelly, the Business Development Manager at Informa Middle East told Arab News that there is no doubt that the United Arab Emirates has led by example regarding the innovation of events and experience. He said that events such as the World Government Summit and the recent Arab Media Forum were incredible events and are a fantastic example of best practice to the world of how to host international guests and deliver an event.

During its 6-month run from October 2020 until April 2021, the Expo 2020 is expected to receive 25 million visits; most of the visits will be from out of the UAE.

Kelly said that Dubai has all the keys to hosting international events; it has the hotels, venues, and a supporting infrastructure and is also connected well to global cities.

Last year, the Dubai World Trade Center, which is the largest trade venue in the region, welcomed 3.3 million delegates and attendees to 353 MICE and business events including 103 super events while its counterpart, the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition accommodated 1.5 million people across 480 events in 2016.

Kelly also believes that the UAE is poised to adopt advanced technologies which will help it to better engage and involve audiences, while staying clear of the increasing risk of ‘event fatigue’.

Kelly also stated that the days of simply turning up to an event and remaining on the sidelines, listening and watching, are long gone. He said innovative technologies, and the resulting data they produce will allow events to become far more immersive and tailored to the requirements of delegates, which forms both unique and intimate experiences.

Kelly pointed out that more can be done on the ground to attract international visitors and delegates to events, and increased collaboration between events, and increased support is needed with the launch of new annual events, key industry events, existing exhibitions, all of which will help ensure sustainability and continued growth.

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