Eyes On The Prize: 5 Ways To Increase Efficiency and Focus

Business, nowadays, is like a train that never stops moving. And considering this digital age wherein it’s very easy to communicate and gather information that will be vital in promoting your enterprise. It has also led to a new economy where in the common worker can be replaced by technological advancements that ever before.

These technological advancements include data visualization, advanced algorithms, and robotics as opposed to human assistance have become increasingly more popular within our workplaces. However, some workers continue to fail as they fail to perform up to par.

Competency used to do the trick, but not anymore. It’s important for employees to not only be able to delegate certain tasks, but to be able to in the most effective and proficient manner.

Performing at a consistently high level requires focus and dedication. Fortunately, there are a variety of things you could do in order to perform at such a high level.

Here’s a sneak peek:

#1. Prioritize your goals accordingly

In order to fully focus on your goals, the first step you should take is to form a mental picture of what you really want to accomplish. Having a detailed understanding as to why you are engaging in an activity and knowing what you want to accomplish gives clarity to your thought process. I recommend you write down your main objectives and figure out ways avenues to take in order to achieve that much-desired success.

#2. Don’t rush

Working in a deliberately slow manner allows you to become more efficient, and most importantly help you focus on the task at hand. If the task is mentally-challenging it’s important to exercise patience and not jump into making decisions. Your ability to do this only help improve your focus.

#3. Defeat negativity

Try as much as possible to get rid of negativity. Negative thought drains your mental capacity and to some extents can limit your productivity, especially in the office. If your mind is filled with threats, demands and any other form of negative thoughts, you are more likely to suffer from cognitive impairment, which is a big hindrance to productivity.

That why it’s important to remember your core values, defining aspects of yourself that you are grateful for, and try to partake in activities that aid in relieving stress such as yoga or any activity that suits you.


Businessman stressed by too many tasks

#4. Practice intense focus

You can develop concentration by fixing your mind on a certain thought and hold your mind at successive intervals. The human brain works in different ways. It has a limited capacity for attention and focus. When you don’t focus on a particular task a 100 percent, your ability to produce to at a consistent level will be weakened. If you want to boost your productivity at work, it advisable to set aside any other activity that requires effort and more focus for the time being.

Avoid all unnecessary distractions such as emails, phone calls, co-worker interactions or perhaps going up and down to adjust the temperature. All these prospects affect your mental capacity and its best in your interest to avoid them as much as possible.

#5. Confront procrastination

According to a survey conducted by researchers, it was estimated that nearly 15 percent of adults are chronic procrastinators. Failure to complete certain tasks can result in several problems. Our ability to focus on any other project creates undue mental pressure that hinders our ability to focus when we fail to complete a certain job or task. Moreover, failure to immediate take part and see a project through its end will ultimately become a habit and in time results to low self-esteem.

You can avoid this by creating self-imposed deadlines and breaking a task into smaller portions in order to defeat procrastination.