Facing Trouble Leading Elders? 3 Ways To Wisely Lead Them

The business world is quite large. So as entrepreneurs, we are often faced with dealing with people from all walks of life. As you continue to strive in the business world, people with either a different color, age, race, or ethnicity will be involved in your day-to-day affairs. So it’s important to know how to go about it. However, today’s article would lay emphasis on age and how to lead older generations.

As a young leader, be very careful with how you approach elderly colleagues. The older generations in the offices have encountered quite a lot of misgivings, along with some level of success or expertise. In addition, you also have to be prepared for the envy that occurs as a result of your acquired position which might also make them feel threatened; given the age difference.

With that being said, let’s dig deep into the several ways to endear yourself to them:

#1. Empathize with each age group.

As we grow older, we tend to view life from a different perspective. The more candles you blow, the more you’ll see life for what it truly is, so as a result, we often ask ourselves questions like ”What am I supposed to do with my life?”, “How on earth am I going to get this all done?”, “Why are some of my peers doing better than me?”…the list continues.

So as a leader, learn to recognize the age group of each worker and emphasize with them: given that they’ve probably encountered a lot along the way.

Try as much as possible to avoid giving certain degrading remarks considering his or her age group. Old folks are very sensitive, especially when it comes to pointing out how certain tasks should be delegated. In the event they carry out a task wrongly, confront them and speak in a very civil and respectful manner.

Would you like to be treated that same way when you have grandkids? Of course not!

#2. Resist intimidation.

As a leader, your authority will definitely be challenged, not just inside the organization but outside as well.

The old generation can easily feel jealous of your authority, especially in an organization where you’re a newcomer and they’ve been there for ages. In the event you notice signs by addressing their patterns of negative behavior, don’t feel intimidated and act harshly. Instead, try and reason with them by giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Though his or her colleagues will paint you as the bad guy if you decide to fire him, but if he keeps on acting belligerent, don’t hesitate to fire the individual, you’ll definitely earn the respect of other employees due to the fact that you handled the situation in a matured and appropriate manner.

#3. Reduce tension by listening.

The significance of communication in the workplace cannot be emphasized enough.

When people voice out their opinions or concerns, they’ll want to feel understood. There’s a lot of tension between executives and employees in the workplace. Complaints are reported daily between managers and staff, simply due to the failure of communication within an organization.

Avoid these problems by showing older employees that you appreciate them and need their maturity and expertise to help advance your business. Try as much as possible to show you care about their concerns. And their opinions matter just as much as yours.

When you show maturity, tolerance, empathy and good communication skills, you’ll definitely be able to get along with most people and most importantly earn their respect; regardless of their age group.

Follow these 3 recommendations and watch the magic unfold.

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