Falsehood and Lies from an Islamic perspective

Falsehood is such an evil that discloses the internal corruption and wickedness of the Liar; and this is a name of the wrong dealing which only acts in spreading evil, so much that even without the needs that are troublesome or the forcing inclinations it leads persons to committing sins.

Some evils are such that a man is involved in them totally. They are like diseases which require a very long-drawn treatment; they are like fright and cowardice, which always hinder the progress of a coward and a frightened man, or like greed which makes men miserly and stingy. There can be absolutely no excuse for those who make lying their habit and who for the whole of their life go on deceiving people by their Falsehoods.

Allah’s Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) Said: “All the evil can be found in a mumin (Believer), except Falsehood and Lies.” The extent to which a liar and a defiant person may spread falsehood  and however wide this extent may be, his sin before Allah will be to the same extent. Journalists, who misguide the people by false news, Politicians who misrepresent important public problems and slaves of selfishness who cast aspersions against eminent person and ladies of good character- all these sections commit terrible crimes and their punishment is very severe. Making false promise to the subjects that the person can’t do also comes in this category, because the falsehood spoken from the pulpit spreads to the four corners of the world. It is in the Tradition that Three persons can never enter paradise.

  • First, the old man who commits illegal sex.
  • Second, the man who tells lies.
  • Third, that poor man who indulges in pride.

To invent Falsehood and Lies against Allah’s religion is the worst evil. One who has the slightest relation with Allah and His Messenger will never indulge in this kind of activity. Such is the worst kind of liar, and the consequences which he will have to face are terrible.

The Prophet (S.A.W) Said: “ The consequences of inventing falsehood against me is not as bad as it is for inventing falsehood against anybody. Let the man who purposely and wittingly make a false statement about me make his Destination Hell.” In the list of false charges and accusations are included in all those inventions and absurdities which the uneducated have fabricated against Allah’s religion.

Allah’s Messenger has warned his followers against the sources of these invented absurdities, has admonished them to be mindful of adopting other ways than those directed by the Quran and the Sunnah.

He said: “ In the last period of my UMMAH there will come people who will be Deceitful, liars. They will tell you things which you would never have heard before, nor have your forefathers heard them. Be careful of them; let them not misguide you by their falsehood and lies and let them not involve you in corruptions. “ (Keep away from Falsehood and Lies it worth nothing in Life, Just remember that falsehood is the cause of doubts and misgivings)…

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