Famous Women In Islam (Fatima Bint Muhammad RA)

Fatimah RA was the youngest daughter of Prophet Muhammad SAW and his significant other Khadijah RA.

The Prophet SAW was said to have stated that, “The best ladies in the whole world are four: the Virgin Mary, Asiya the spouse of Pharaoh, Khadijah Mother of the Believers, and Fatimah daughter of Muhammad.”

Fatimah RA was additionally giving with two titles; “az-Zahra,” which signifies “The Resplendent One,” in reference to her brilliant face. She likewise had the title “al-Batul,” alluding to her immaculate character. On the off chance that we analyze her short life, we can see that she was an inspiration, one who epitomized the characteristics of valor, dependability, lowliness and benevolence.

Fatimah RA was around the age of five when her dad got Prophethood. As a young lady, she demonstrated her boldness in one incident when she went by the Masjid Al-Haram with the Prophet SAW. As he asked, a gathering of Quraysh assembled around him to join him, an individual from the group got the remaining parts of a butchered creature and tossed it on the shoulders of the Prophet SAW while he was prostrating. Fatimah RA however did not just sit back and watch; she expelled the foulness from her dad and furiously lashed out at the foes. A young lady, who was barely ten years of age, quieted a gathering of savages.

From the onset, Fatimah RA experienced and saw alot of hardship. Her sisters left the home following their marriages while she was still very young. Besides, her sisters Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum endured extreme mental torment as they were both married to the children of Abu Lahab, the Prophet’s SAW uncle and loyal enemy.

At that point the family and devotees were compelled to leave their home as the mistreatment on account of the Quraysh escalated. Life turned out to be extremely difficult as the Quraysh for all intents and purposes restricted sustenance and any contact with the Muslims. Soon after the blacklist, Fatimah endured one of the best tribulations with the passing of her mom.

Fatimah RA was notable for her merciful and delicate identity. She was liberal, helping poor people and the penniless; regularly she would give her nourishment away regardless of the possibility that it implied going hungry herself. She carried on an extremely basic and humble life, with no propensity to extravagances.

This unassuming presence proceeded all through her marriage to Ali Ibn Abu Talib RA. Not at all like her sisters’ spouses, Ali RA was poor and both he and Fatimah RA needed to work hard. On one specific event, life turned out to be unbearable to the point that they went to the Prophet SAW to approach him for hirelings. Instead of giving them hirelings, the Prophet SAW showed them to discuss Subhan Allah, Al Hamdulillah, Allahu Akbar after every supplication and before going to rest. From numerous points of view, their marriage had more barakah; it depended on devotion and exemplary nature, or more all, they had the gifts and dua of the Prophet SAW.

Fatimah RA in the long run brought forth four kids. The Prophet SAW was near his grandsons, Al-Hasan and Al Husayn, and would frequently be seen with them.

Regardless of being occupied with family life, Fatimah RA still devoted herself to the Muslim people group in Medina. Alongside other ladies, she assumed a key part in the Battles of Uhud and Trench, for example, watching out for the injured and providing sustenance.

Fatimah RA passed away at 29 years old in the month of Ramadan, only under five months after her dad passed away. Such solid and devout women are great role models for women as well as men.

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