Five Ways To Stop Being Judgmental

On the off chance that the  “I’m better than thou,” feeling crawls up on you while contrasting yourself with another person, consider the following:

#1. Consider the saying, “Some saints have a past and many sinners have a future.”

Being a “holy person” isn’t assured for any one individual for a lifetime. Be that as it may, the way to God’s absolution is constantly open and particularly favors the person who commits an error and thinks twice about it and tries to change, regardless of the possibility that they may commit the error again, this is the significance of repentance.

#2. Arrogance is Despised in Islam

Remember the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: “No one with the slightest particle of arrogance in his heart will enter Paradise.” (Bukhari).

We may all be sinners one way or another, but may I dearsay one of the greatest sins is arrogance arrogance. We need to take care not to incur the wrath of Allah for he is displeased with the arrogant.

#3. Think about your sins and shortcomings

If we can’t think of any, we’ve been deceived by Satan and we are in a worse state than any of those whose blatant sins we perceive.

#4. Ask ourselves: Is that person a parent?

On the off chance that they are and we aren’t, they’re as of now light-years in front of our amusement. On the off chance that she’s a mother, Paradise is conceivably beneath her feet. On the off chance that they are a mother or father, any great they instructed their child and their child heeds these instructions there are rewards going back to them. How are we going to contrast ourselves with that? On the off chance that they are and we are, consider: what incredible work may their descendants do that might be a result of one lesson that individual has shown them?

#5. Let’s Remind Ourselves: We have no idea what another person has gone through in Life

Our momentary associations with people are not a door to their experiences and past battles. We don’t have a clue about the agony they’re working through. Furthermore, now and then, because of those exceptionally agonizing encounters, some individuals leave the practice of Islam totally.

Such people need to work through their feelings, the dangerous connections which initially caused the break they encountered with Islam. Let us remember this is jihad, the fight against evil occurs everyday within us and we must ensure that the rid ourselves of evil tendencies.

That’s what we need to be for others and allow others to be for us. Be a loving mentor. Be a supportive friend. Be an encouraging counselor. Be a shoulder to cry and lean on. Your awesome love for Islam and “Muslimness” will be communicated simply through your actions of being there for others in an uplifting, genuine way. If applicable, when someone is ready, that person will ask you about Islam and seek your help in becoming the best Muslim they can be, God willing. Or perhaps they’ll be more open to listening to your sincere, gentle advice on something you’re truly concerned about because of your love for them. This perspective does not mean we do not advise others when we’re concerned for them, it simply means we do so while withholding judgment and in a methodically wise way.

Be like the Prophet. Engulf your heart so deeply in caring for people’s happiness in both worlds without having space for judgment or arrogance. And perhaps, because of your sincere acceptance of another, you’ll soon find that very person being a means of guidance for you.

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