Flip It Around: 3 Ways To Handle A Customer Who Feels Ignored

Nowadays, it’s quite unlike a business to reach success without facing, at least, one dissatisfied client.

Those customers often come in groups, especially if a business has a minor issue it needs to fix.

When a customer reports a problem that exists, they actually present the business with an opportunity to earn their long-term loyalty.

But sadly, some business owners fail to cope with complaints in a civil manner.

No matter how established your business is, in terms of customer support staff, some customers will still feel as though their complaints are being ignored.

So as a manager, it’s vital to make sure their needs are met, and most importantly build a relationship with them with the sole aim of maintaining your business’s hard-earned reputation.

Here are a few recommendations that might be useful:

#1. Listen and Empathize

What better way to deal with a problem than to prevent it from occurring in the first place? In the event a customer still feels dissatisfied despite all your efforts to condone them, it’s important for that customer service representative to comprehend what the customer really wants from the call.

Everybody feels the need to be heard, no matter the nature of the complaint. A lot of patience is required in dealing with upset clients. So try as much as possible to comfort them by putting yourself in their shoes. Also, show them that you really care.

If a customer feels ignored, or not taken seriously, it may occur as a result of expressing concerns to someone and not taking any steps to resolve the situation. So the customer service representative will have more problems on his plate.

Remember, patience, sympathy and understanding are crucial when dealing with folks, and apologize for the previous slight to make the customer feel at ease and well-heard.

#2. Involve a Supervisor

There are certain cases where the customer service representative can only do little to resolve the matter at hand. But when they are given full support and the customer is still acting belligerent, it is high time to consult a supervisor who’s more experienced to resolve the situation.

Every business needs that individual who can step up and save the day, or, at least, make the customer feel satisfied in such a way that they believe they’re put in the hands of someone who really knows what they are doing.

Supervisors must try as much as possible to be present when needed in order to prevent the problem from escalating.

#3. Monitor and Analyze

As a manager or supervisor, it’s important to keep tabs on how your team is performing. Doing so will help you detect certain issues that may need immediate fixing.

When you keep a close eye on how certain tasks are being delegated to your staff, you can offer assistance and most importantly, know what’s really going on within your organization.

Instruct the customer service representatives to hold monthly meetings and make sure things are running smoothly.

Doing so will only help you identify ways your team can resolve issues in a more effective manner.

If you want to make a mark in the business world, you should embrace the daily challenges of the business world by making sure all your clients are satisfied.

Through using the appropriate techniques such as training, talent and utilities, your business can boost customer satisfaction and most importantly, keep sales high.

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