For Men: The Sadistic 6 Obstacles To Happiness & Efficiency

Men have always been considered as the stronger and bolder sex. Sorry to the feminists. However, you have to admit that everyone faces problems, both genders. We all have different coping mechanisms, some not as great as others.

This applies to having a job and being able to produce and do work efficiently. Also, your state of mind matters while working. Depression, which is a state of “feeling sad, hopeless, and unimportant” can affect employees in the workplace. One would not be able to do to the best of their abilities.

However, men seem to have more hurdles to face when it comes to happiness and doing their best at work. Here’s why.

#1. Men are more likely to Ignore their emotions

Sorry about the equation but that’s probably the best way to summarize this reason.

You hear the conventional phrases shouted at a man like “Don’t be a girl!’ or “Be a man!”. You know all those phrases that you get to hear your parents and friends tell your brother or cousin or husband. Very cliché indeed.

Despite all these recitations of manhood and power, men do have feelings; but because of the expectations imposed on them, men are more likely to ignore their feelings.

This just leads to the situation worsening and as a result, true happiness seems far from reach.

#2. The ‘secondary feelings syndrome’

On the other hand, when a man feels a certain kind of way that he knows he isn’t ‘supposed’ to feel, he may blame himself for doing so.

They may call themselves ‘uncool’ for being sad or ‘ashamed’ for feeling angry or ‘stupid’ for being excited. They are used to complicating things for themselves yet find it rather easy to bottle all these in.

#3. Less support

This could apply to work and relationships alike. You expect a woman to spill the beans on how work was like, who pissed her off and over what, who broke her heart… You know all the talking that ladies are prone to do.

Consequently, men have to be the listening ear at times with hardly anyone to do any listening for them because he is meant to not feel the way he is feeling (#BeingAMan).

Thus they have less support and encouragement. If work isn’t going well, he is supposed to deal with it and figure it out all on his own. He is all the encouragement that he needs.

This creates a stressful, detached employee who is more likely than none to have a poor work performance.

#4. Getting hooked

What do you do when you have little or no support, or someone to pour your heart out to? Women generally do not face this as they will normally have a bunch of friends around them; but, if they should be alone, chances are crying it out will be the next option.

However, you hardly see a man do this. You could ask 15 different men when last they actually shed a tear and most can’t even remember. It is ‘unmanly’ to cry.

So as a means of coping with the issues that they keep bottling inside, they turn to alcohol and drugs. That’s how most get hooked and is one of the leading causes of depression.

Thus, most find it hard to get through a day without resulting to one substance or the other. This is more likely than none to result in inefficiency at work and unstable relationships with others.

#5. The ‘outrageous pride’

Everyone has got some level of pride, that’s for sure. Men, though, seem to have that pride that prevents them from seeking for help even with the awareness that they cannot do it on their own. Being a man has been so much incorporated into their system that it goes a long way to harm them.

As a result of this, they are more likely than none to stay put and not ask the next guy for help in creating a financial budget or for help in dealing with depression.

#6. Outside pressures

You may find this hard to believe but men also feel the pressure to fit in with their peers.

Although they may congratulate their peers on getting a new job, a car or getting married, they tend to feel inadequate because they themselves do not have what everyone seems to be having.

Now you have an idea what things hinder men from being genuinely happy and from doing their best at what they do. It may seem like men are so imperfect and weaklings on the inside; however, let’s say everyone has their demons that they tend to fight in their closets.

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