Four Muslim Female Entrepreneurs Who Made A Difference In The Business World

Passion is key in living. Passion can boost energy and is the key to doing anything in life. After passion comes determination.

These female entrepreneurs had passion and it helped move them through the stages they want to be in life

Although the business world is dynamic, they still excelled.

Here is a list of women who never backed down on the changing trends of the business environment.

#1. Rama Chakaki


Rama was born in Syria and later on moved to the USA in which she lived coping with sarcoidosis. She studied engineering but always had the passion for working and supporting entrepreneurs in communities.

She later moved to Dubai to bring that passion to light by creating ‘Baraka Ventures’ alongside Mahmoud Adu-Wardeh.

Since the establishment, she has been able to create changes in the lives of entrepreneurs.

#2. Deena Fadel

Deena Fadel

At the age of three, Deena received her first award on a national drawing competition. She was born and raised in the United Kingdom. After working for an advertising agency, Deena knew it was time to explore her passion for fashion which lead to the establishment of ‘Joud’. Joud deals in art works and also home accessories.

Over the past years, business has been moving smoothly.

#3. Dana Al Taji

Dana Al Taji

Just as the unequal length of fingers, some of us have more skills than others (born with skills). That was the case for Dana. Ever since she was a child, she loved tailoring clothes however became a teacher and decided to stay home after the birth of her first child.

She later on took online courses and started tailoring her designs which lead to her wanting to take it up as a career. She now has a store in Cairo which deals with designs, handbags and accessories.

#4. Heidi Belal

Heidi Belai

With a family to take care of, Heidi always had the passion for doing more and being able to be engaged in a lot of activities. She started a web development firm (code-corner) alongside her husband and kept a close relationship with her clients.

She also decided to open up a bakery business with her sister in which they deal with sweets and cookies. With the help of code-corner, they were able to set up a website (Cookies ‘N More) to help keep track and place orders.


These are the shapers in the Arab world. They have helped a great deal in the business world and also helped improve the economy they live in.

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