Fourteen Tips to Raising Great Children

Are you raising any children? If so you’ll find the following fourteen pointers very handy.

#1.Teaching kids the importance of Worshiping Allah Alone 

From the very day your kid begins to comprehend, the best thing you should teach your child as a Muslim parent is to emphasize that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah and He is one. The fundamental message of our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is this and it is our key to Paradise as well.

#2.Teach your children examples of Muslim heroes

As a Muslim parent, you should tell your children about the real heroes of Islam, such as Ali bin Abi Talib, Hamza (may Allah be pleased with them) Salahudin as well as other Muslim heroes, instead of telling them about Batman and Superman. You should tell your kids how Muslim leaders brought a real peaceful change in the world and won the hearts of Muslims, as well as non-Muslims.

#3.Treat your children kindly

Parents should treat their children kindly, as kindness begets kindness. If you treat your child kindly, he/she will in turn treat other people kindly. The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) is the greatest example in treating children kindly.

#4.Go out with your kids as a family

Rather than allowing your kids to always go out with their friends only, you should take family trips with your kids and also let them be around good friends and family from whom you want them to pick up their values. As parents, you should watch the company of your children and give them your company, because your child picks the traits of the people that they are around most of the time.

#5.Praise your children

Praising is a great tool with children, particularly in the presence of others. Your child feels pride when you praise them and it will make them keen to perform more good deeds. Praising your child should however be limited to moral and Islamic deeds.

#6.Make your kids feel important

You should consult your children in matters regarding the family when they are a little older to comprehend certain things. Let them feel that they are significant members of the family and have a part to play in the family.

#7.Avoid humiliating your children

You should NEVER humiliate your child in the presence of others. Your child might make a mistake in the effort of pleasing you. If as a parent, you are not pleased with your child, tell him/her in private.

#8.Let your children sit with adults

It is better for your child to be among adults, particularly when listening to lectures of Islam. Our Prophet (ﷺ) would put children in the front row when he spoke to the people.


You should have faith in the abilities of your child to perform tasks. Give them chores that are in line with their age and convince them that they are doing important things; this will make them eager to help you out again.


Prophet Muhammad ﷺ encouraged sports such as running, horse riding and swimming. This is as long as children maintain their Islamic identity and wear clothes that are appropriate and in line with Islam.

#11.Don’t be friends with your child

In Islam, you as a parent should be respected by your children. However, you should have a good bond with your children and keep an open dialog so they can ask you questions and share their concerns with you.

#12.Don’t spoil your child

If you provide everything your child asks for, they can be easily spoiled. This will make them expect you to oblige in every occasion. As a parent, you should be wise in what you buy for your child and avoid unnecessary luxuries and extravagance.

#13.Emphasize halal

You should not be always telling your child such and such a thing is haram (not permissible). It is good to sometimes educate them on halal (permissible) things as Islam is full of halal things. Tell them to be thankful for Allah (SWT) for bestowing on them not just clothes and food, but the eyes they see with, they ears they hear with, their arms and legs, and also the blessing of Islam in their hearts.

#14.Pray with your child

You should involve in acts of worship with your child/children. They should see you in the act of Salaah (prayer) when they are very young. As children imitate their parents, they will try to imitate you even when they don’t know what they are doing. Wake your children for Fajr prayer and pray as a family, and often talk to them about the rewards of Salaah so it doesn’t feel like a burden to them.

As parents, you should set a great example for your children. If you talk well to your child, expect them to talk the same to you, but if you talk rudely to them and also if you are disrespect to others, they will learn from that and do the same. Islam offers a lot of ways to best bring up your child. So it is an obligation on parents to be good Muslims and to be role models to your children.

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