Freelancers Run The World: 5 Tasks To Outsource For Small Businesses

As a freelancer, you’re more likely to encounter several hiring challenges as your business grows. So the best option is to consider outsourcing.

Raising capital to cover the complete certain tasks can be a major challenge, especially during the in-between phase where your business is expanding and needs a workforce, but cannot afford to incur hiring costs just yet.

Although there are several outsourcing prospects to consider, some tasks are more suitable than others.

Today’s article would emphasize on the various business tasks that are the most suitable for outsourcing and tips on how to get started.

Here are the top 5 tasks to outsource for small-scale businesses:

#1. Virtual Receptionist

woman at the desk

Utilize virtual receptionist software which can handle most of your receptionist duties such as answering phones, taking messages, managing appointments, and emails.

Search for a virtual receptionist provider on the internet that is capable of offering more than just virtual receptionist services to help you save time.

Although most businesses prefer working with individual virtual receptionists, the quality level varies nonetheless.

Sites such as and will help you find someone with the qualifications you need.

#2. Graphic Design

graphic design

What better way to make your brand stand out than using the best graphic design plans available? This would help your business stand out in marketing and advertising campaigns as well as promotions on your social media outlets.

Although it may be expensive to hire a good graphic designer; however, most small-scale businesses prefer outsourcing to meet their graphic design needs.

Sites like Web Design Outsourcing enables their users to outsource their web design work to creative teams all over the world. This is a combination of both freelancing and outsourcing.

You’ll also need to check freelancer marketplaces to look for individual graphic designers to hand over your outsourcing design tasks to.

#3. Bookkeeping


As time goes on, books will become more complex, and it will become more and more important to have a person who has a firm understanding of what needs to be done.

There are companies who specialize in tax preparation to make it easier for their clients prepare for the tax season. It’s just a matter of where to look in order to find them.

#4. Web Design

web design

One thing some companies fail to understand is that your website is like the face of your company. The more appealing it is, the more investors you’ll attract. It’s crucial that your web designs reflect your brand image, and it is designed in a very effective and efficient manner.

It should be able to adapt to all mobile screen sizes and resolutions for users all over the world to have a fair glimpse of what you’re promoting.

Outsourcing web design responsibilities to a freelancer or a web design company the best alternative if you’re not a good web designer.

#5. Customer Support

customer support

Time and tides wait for no man. In the event you’re not sure as to whether or not you have enough time to handle your customer or technical support, then you definitely don’t have as much time as you think.

Time is without doubt one of the most important aspects of your business. So it is crucial that it is being used effectively.

Regardless of the industry that your business falls under, you should find some time to manage and outsource your customer and support.

Although individual freelancers might be useful in this situation, however, it’s best that you seek the help of professional companies that offer operations that have the ability to help you handle customers 24/7, e.g. physical call centers.

Never waste your time doing tasks you hate or ineffective. Your main priority should be choosing the tasks to outsource, as they will make you satisfied.

So when it’s time to hire, you’ll have a full and in-depth understanding of the things you need and what qualities to seek from applicants to be of great value to you.

What are the other tasks you think we left out? Comment below, and give us your thoughts.

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