Getting A Promotion Without Pressing The “Ask” Button

To ask for a promotion may probably be one of the most awkward things to do, especially if you’ve got a boss like Annalise Keating (How To Get Away With Murder fans will know this one) or Jessica Pearson (Suits) or someone that’s just impossible to deal with. No one likes to be stuck in the same position for years after putting in all the hard work, especially if others are getting a move up.

What then do you do to get that promotion that you well deserve, without asking your boss for it? Check out these few pointers.

#1. Go Overboard

We’re not saying you should be Mr. Know-It-All in the office. All you have to do is ensure that you’re doing the best you can at what you’ve been assigned to do. Also, find ways to fix or resolve issues that may be pending in the office. You do not have to stick to your comfort zone. Be prepared to do tasks that you may not be used to doing. However, it’s not in the doing that matters but in ensuring that your actions are up to par.

Exceeding expectations are only the start: You should also look for ways to add value by doing projects and tasks that are beyond your scope. Find things that need doing that no one has had time for.

#2. Be Ready To Learn

One character that shouldn’t be missing is your ability to learn. Change is constant, they say, and you will have to learn to adapt to it.

Be prepared to grow and learn new skills that will improve your work performance. If you have to discover what your company’s future plans, then fire away. Assist your company in achieving the goals they have set by looking for every available opening for advancement.

Your boss will not be concerned about your growing popularity amongst the staff but about the work you have been able to get done.

#3. Giving The Right Impression

Most often times, employees fail to get promoted to the position they desire because of the impression they give off to their superiors.

If you show your boss that you love your position and aren’t ready to move up the ladder, then you might be in that same position for quite a while. Acting like you’re indispensable and that you’re the only person that can do your job will really not earn you that promotion you want.

So be sure to give the right impression, the one says that “I enjoy my position but I’m ready to move up’.

#4. Teach Others

One true sign of a leader is his or her ability to have the patience to teach others. Like the previous point mentioned, do not act indispensable. Always be eager to teach your juniors what you know and assist them where and when you can. Remove the pride or the fear that he or she may end up knowing way too much and might take that position you’ve been aiming for.

In the end, you may need someone to take your place when you’ve moved up.

#5. Don’t Expect Rewards

If you are always expecting a pat on the back when you’ve done a good job, then you have a wrong mindset.

You do not have to do what is known as ‘eye service”- putting up your best because others are watching. Do your best because you want to and because you enjoy it. Nothing else should matter. Although getting a promotion is what you want, always expecting your boss to tell you ‘You did it! Bravo mate’ isn’t the way to go.

Work hard, for you.

#6. Deal With Complexities

Prepare yourself for a promotion by dealing with complex and complicated tasks. As we highlighted in a previous tip, perform tasks that are outside your comfort zone.

Being able to deal with complex tasks that require a lot of time and energy will show how ready you are for that promotion. The truth is, the further up you go, the more trying and demanding your work gets. So be sure to manage the complexities you are faced with now. However, do not stretch yourself too far. Better getting a work done than not.

#7. Team Effort

Team playing is another thing to consider if you want to get that promotion. Your teamwork skills will reveal your ability to work jointly and effectively with other colleagues. Show your boss that you are a real team player by doing your best to get work done and by supporting your teammates.

Don’t have the misconception that because you’re the head of the team, you’re the best for a promotion. The fact is, your boss wouldn’t really care. Prove to him/her that you are worth it by improving and showcasing your teamwork skills.

In the end, all that matters in getting a promotion is your courage and strength to do all of the above. Believe in yourself to be the best and then work hard it.

Sooner than later, your boss will come knocking with that promotion in hand…

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