Getting The Bigger Picture: Tips On Setting Up Effective Quarterly Goals

We all know that everyone has goals set. But do we ask ourselves if we’ve accomplished them? If not, are we on the right path to achieving the success we truly desire?

For us to achieve certain goals, we need to look at the bigger picture. Breaking down your goals into actionable items would be the best way of accomplishing your goals within a short period of time.

Doing so will give you more control and comprehension about what in relation to the overall goal you’ve set.

moving upHere’s a list of strategies to consider:

Step 1: Get the Bigger Picture: Where Do You Want to Be in A Year?

Start with your main goals for a year and the various initiatives that’ll help you achieve your goals. A typical example of these goals includes arriving at a certain revenue target, acquiring a certain number of clients, or expanding your workforce (for bosses).

Step 2: Create Quarterly and Monthly Segmentation

After doing that, break down those initiatives into four portions with each part quantifying one-quarter of a year. Prior to those initiatives, set objectives for each of the four quarters that are action items by delegating certain responsibilities to a team with a deadline.

In each quarter, use the time you have to spread milestones in a way that is realistic and attainable by your team, given the time period.

Step 3: Set Weekly Milestones and Plan Meetings

Have a habit of setting weekly milestones each month. To make sure everyone one has a fair understanding of what you want to achieve, hold a standing daily meeting. It can be 10-15 minutes depending on what time favors them the most. Then they can provide you with detailed analysis as they’ll provide updates on what they have accomplished.

Step 4: Communication and Collaboration

Communication is keen. Not just in business, but most aspects of life in general. Schedule meetings with your team to make sure things are going as planned. This will keep you all on the right track. Don’t wait till its too late to start having a meeting. Do it now! Whilst you can.

Step 5: Stick to the List, but Pivot When Necessary

No matter how well you plan and set certain goals, there’s always a possibility of unforeseen circumstances which will result in things you did not anticipate. The business world can be quite tricky. There might be times that things will be going south due to a few changes here and there. For example losing a great employee or perhaps incurring losses.

Making additional changes when they are necessary can be an ice breaker for your business (if done early). It’s important to pivot in the direction of goals or objectives when there are signs that things are not going as planned. That’s when feedback comes into play.

Regardless of the new milestone or a pivot introduction, it’s absolutely crucial to thoroughly review those changes in order to determine if they will have positive effects on your main goal.

Once you follow these 5 prospects, you will soon learn to realize that most of the initiatives you believe are “unachievable” actually are attainable. It’s just a matter of being able to adapt to whatever changes you encounter on your journey to success.

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