Global Modest Fashion Influencers

In 2016, the world woke up to the reality of the size of the modest fashion market. This has led to an increase in the international brand and as of last year, the entire world considered dappling into the segment.

Would you agree with me when I say “2016 was the year of modest fashion?”

In 2012, Haute-Elan (an online curated shopping platform for modest fashion designer) was founded. It housed over 200 designers and shipping to over 220 countries, Haute-Elan has been featured in international media. Featuring the top 60 global modest fashion influencers and below are ten of them.

  1. Dina Tokio


Dina is one of UK’s largest fashion blogger. She has worked with a host of large companies (which includes H&M, BooHoo, etc.). she also runs her own companies.

  1. Sondos Alqattan


Sondos is Middle East’s biggest beauty bloggers. Think of makeup artistry, she is the person to know!

  1. Ascia Akf


Ascia is an Instagram sensation. She began blogging in 2012 and is the founder of the fashion brand Desert Baby.

  1. Dian Pelangi


Dian is known as one of the original heroines of the modest fashion industry. She has over 4.4 million followers on Instagram. Her “” began at the London Bulgari show then followed the London Fashion Week.

  1. Dalal AlDoub


Dalal has 1.9 million Instagram followers. She is known to be one of the largest bloggers in Kuwait and on the blog she states that ‘Her goal is to empower women; to provide them with confidence, and to encourage them to become their own stylists and makeup artists.’

  1. Ibtihaj Muhammad


Remember the Muslim American fencer at Rio? Meet Ibtihaj.

She is the first Muslim American woman to wear a hijab while competing in the Olympics. She is an inspiration to many!

  1. Leena Asad


Leena has been blogging since 2014. She lives in Texas and makes it known on her blog that dressing modestly begins from the mind.

  1. Sagal Ibrahim Shire


Meet the Somalian blogger Sagal. She lives in London and uses her styles to create difference and people just love her.

  1. Amena Khan


Amena is currently running three businesses, a blog and YouTube channel. She believes in entrepreneurship and puts together outfits that represents her; cool and classy.

  1. Mariam R Mohammad


Mariam is also part of the list on the largest bloggers in Kuwait. Her blog is centred on lifestyle, beauty and fashion.

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