Google Launches Digital Skills Training for Arabic Language Speakers

As part of Google’s efforts to promote and encourage digital literacy and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) advocacy, it has launched Maharat min Google, meaning ‘Building Capabilities with Google.

The program aims to help young people and women in the Arab-speaking world to get ready for job opportunities in the future, to grow their businesses as well as to help them advance their careers.

Digital skills are not widely available the Arab-speaking countries, and by the year 2020, one in five jobs will require them nonetheless, according to the World Economic Forum.

With this initiative, Google is hoping to close that gap, especially because a lot of young women in the region outperform young men in the fields of STEM. The rates of employment for women are however lower because of gender norms in the region and social expectations.

Through Maharat min Google, the tech giant hopes to lessen some of this inequality. The initiative will include free courses, tools and in-person training to students, job seekers, businesses as well as educators.

Google is also collaborating with INJAZ Al-Arab, with a million dollar grant to the non-profit organization to help it forge ahead with its work of helping students, especially women with hands-on training for digital skills.

INJAZ Al-Arab is a non-profit organization that pushes the education of the youths and training in the readiness of the workforce, entrepreneurship and financial literacy across the Arab world.

Google is also working with the MiSK foundation to offer training to 100,000 people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, half of whom will be women.

Google is a US multinational tech company with services and products related to the internet especially in online search, advertising technologies, cloud computing, hardware and software.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin found the company in 1998. They own about 14% of the shares of the company together, and also control 56% of the voting powers of the stockholders through super voting stock.

On 4th September, 1998, Larry and Sergey merged the company as a privately held firm. An Initial Public Offering took place in the year 2004, after which the company moved to its new headquarters in Mountain View, California. The company reorganized a number of its interests as a conglomerate called Alphabet Inc. in August, 2015.

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