Health Benefits Of Fasting

As near as we can tell, most Muslims don’t fast for health or medical benefits, but rather fast to fulfill their deeds towards Allah. But then again, most of aren’t aware of the medical benefits that result in fasting, and some often think that fasting does better than harm when it comes to increasing our overall health.

Fasting has become increasingly popular and has been used for medical purposes in terms of weight loss. Over the years, doctors have been recommending obese people to cut town on their intake of food and to adapt to a healthier food choice. However, practitioners don’t recommend total fasting due to the stigma involved. The Ramadan fasting is somehow different compared to the average weight loss diet because it is obligatory upon Muslims to fulfill this deed. The consumption of calories for Muslims throughout the month is a little below the national requirement. However, a lot of great medical benefits are gained from fasting, which I believe are vital in improving your overall health.

The holy month is a period of sacrifice, abstinence, and total devotion and hoping to be redeemed of our sins. We learn a lot of lessons during this period; be it nutritional intake or piousness that might ultimately change our lives after Ramadan ends. However, our food choices during Ramadan isn’t fixed. In other words, there is no specific criteria of crash diets like those which are fixed. As long as there is a regular intake of nutritious foods containing protein and fruits, then you’re on the right track.

The main between Ramadan and total fasting is the time period in which the food is consumed. During Ramadan, we normally skip lunch and take an early breakfast to abstain from eating till sunset. Although this may sound surprising, however, abstinence from water whilst fasting is actually beneficial as it causes a concentration of fluids within your body.

Fasting involved a lot of psychological effects including lowering of cholesterol, blood sugar, and systolic blood pressure. As a matter of fact, fasting during Ramadan serves as a great treatment of health issues such as hypertension obesity, etc.

But people with diabetes and kidney stones are expected from fasting, as it would draw more complications regarding their health.

Other health benefits of fasting include:

  • Fasting improves insulin sensitivity
  • Fasting Boosting up body metabolism
  • It promotes longevity
  • It improves hunger
  • It also improves your eating patterns
  • Improves your brain function
  • Improves your immune system

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