Help is at hand for UAE’s next design hotshots

It was announced that the UAE’s wannabe designers are getting some serious attention as a new mentoring programme is set in place to help start-ups take wings. There is also a recruitment on an internship programme by The Dubai Design & Fashion Council which is expected to last for 5 months.

This Mentorship Programme targets design entrepreneurs but not just those aiming for glory in couture. This would be used as a platform to help designers develop in certain areas and strengthen their business acumen. To sum up, it’ll provide a platform to harness their potential.

The “Mena Design Outlook” (the region’s design space) is doing quite well and has so far released the design cluster d3 which reckons the industry is now valued at $100 million (Dh367 million) after growing at twice the pace globally over the last four years.

“With the design industry experiencing significant change – and with the borders between design disciplines becoming increasingly blurred — we often see the different areas of design extending into each other. Therefore, we expect to see a degree of overlap in terms of the applicants’ core focus”, said Dr Amina Al Rustamani (Chairperson of DDFC).

Limiting the programme to five months apiece is done with an intent — this allows more for focused sessions with their chosen mentors.

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