Here’s an inventory of Muslim Physicists and Engineers you might want to know about

The length of this list will be a surprise to a lot of people considering the long-existing myth most westerners have that Muslims were violence-oriented.

Mimar Sinan (1489/1588), also known as Koca Mi’mâr Sinân Âğâ

Jafar al-Sadiq, 8th century

Banū Mūsā (Ben Mousa), 9th century

Ja’far Muhammad ibn Mūsā ibn Shākir

Ahmad ibn Mūsā ibn Shākir

Al-Hasan ibn Mūsā ibn Shākir

Abbas Ibn Firnas (Armen Firman), 9th century


Abū Sahl al-Qūhī (Kuhi), 10th century

Ibn Sahl, 10th century

Ibn Yunus, 10th century

Al-Karaji, 10th century

Ibn al-Haytham (Alhacen), 11th century Iraqi scientist, father of optics,and experimental physics, considered the “first scientist”

Abū Rayhān al-Bīrūnī, 11th century, pioneer of experimental mechanics

Ibn Sīnā/Seena (Avicenna), 11th century

Al-Khazini, 12th century

Ibn Bajjah (Avempace), 12th century

Hibat Allah Abu’l-Barakat al-Baghdaadi (Nathanel), 12th century

Ibn Rushd/Rooshd (Averroes), 12th century Andalusian mathematician, philosopher and medical expert

Al-Jazari, 13th century civil engineer, father of robotics

Nasir al-Din Tusi, 13th century

Qutb al-Din al-Shirazi, 13th century

Kamāl al-Dīn al-Fārisī, 13th century

Ibn al-Shatir, 14th century

Taqi al-Din Muhammad ibn Ma’ruf, 16th century

Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi, 17th century

Lagari Hasan Çelebi, 17th century

Sake Dean Mahomet, 18th century

Abdus Salam, 20th century Pakistani physicist, winner of Nobel Prize in 1979

Fazlur Khan, 20th century Bangladeshi mechanician

Mahmoud Hessaby, 20th century Iranian physicist

Ali Javan, 20th century Iranian physicist

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, 20th century Indonesian aerospace engineer and president

Abdul Kalam, Indian aeronautical engineer, nuclear scientist and the 11th President of India

Mehran Kardar, Iranian theoretical physicist

Munir Nayfeh Palestinian-American particle physicist

Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistani metallurgist and nuclear scientist

Riazuddin, Pakistani theoretical physicist

Samar Mubarakmand, Pakistani nuclear scientist known for his research in gamma spectroscopy and experimental development of the linear accelerator

Shahid Hussain Bokhari, (Pakistani researcher in the field of parallel and distributed computing

Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, Pakistani nuclear engineer and nuclear physicist

Ali Musharafa, Egyptian nuclear physicist

Sameera Moussa, Egyptian nuclear physicist

Munir Ahmad Khan, father of Pakistan’s nuclear program

Kerim Kerimov, founder of Soviet space program, a lead architect behind first human spaceflight (Vostok 1), and the lead architect of the first space stations (Salyut and Mir)

Farouk El-Baz, NASA scientist involved in the first Moon landings with the Apollo program

Cumrun Vafa, Iranian theoretical physicist and string theorist


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