How Effective Customer Success Strategy Can Prevent Customers From Leaving Your Product

One of the best adversaries of the SaaS (Software as a Service) company is through churning. Whenever the business is running smoothly, it gives you the satisfaction that more success is ahead.

However, when things are going south and it seems like everything is about to end, it’s right there to remind you of what exactly you’ve done wrong.

Churning is a very effective customer success strategy, as it keeps customers on board and helping you earn their trust.

There are also several things you can do to keep your customers happy and gain their loyalty.

Here are a few recommendations.

#1. Don’t Pick the Wrong Customer

For starters, bringing in clients who have a deep interest for your product will make it easier for you to keep them onboard longer than you expected. Study your customers. You can use sophisticated data to profile them or perhaps their social media outlets as you’ll acquire more detail regarding their location, interests, and marketplace niches. Do they share the same characteristics? And if they do, how can you keep them satisfied? The companies with most of these shared qualities are your ideal customers.

Those customers are more likely to have reasonable expectations for your SaaS (Software as a Service) and less like to leave because you can’t offer them the world for a handful of pennies.

#2. Remember that It’s a Partnership

A fact that most people fail to realize is that their customers are not just some sort of gold mine to extract the maximum resources within a short period of time. Instead, think of them as a farmland because they can be a steady source of income, but you have to take make sure they are satisfied with your services. Their satisfaction should be your main priority: grow nothing but cash crops and you deplete the soil.

happy-customer (1)

#3. Under the Eagle Eye

In order to know what your customers are seeking for, you’ll have to stalk them. You need to find out everything you could possibly find out about them; what services they use, what services they might need in the future, who are their contacts in your organization, their experience with customer support, etc. The more information you have on these prospects, the more you’ll have a better understanding what they need, and more importantly, how you can meet up to their expectations.

Although you wouldn’t be able to know everything about them, there is little you could do to gain an immediate advantage.                                                                                      

#4. Honesty is the Best Customer Success Policy

Don’t be a closed book to your customers. Give them accurate insights about churn, surveys about customer satisfaction and more. Let them have the assurance that you are being honest. Show that you have nothing to hide.

Unfortunately, this is something some companies fail to realize. As you disclose important information to your customers, especially when your competitors don’t, you’re earning their trust more. Doing so will give your company a modern and more positive vibe.

Your customers are the driving force that keeps your business going. However, churning serves as a threat to drive them away. Considering the fact that you spent a lot of resources, time, and effort in acquiring them, it’s only logical to be equally adamant in keeping them close.

Your customer’s needs should be prioritized above everything, even above your company’s short-term goals because they will eventually pay off as long term.