How Hijama (Cupping) Is Catching on As a Good Business Idea

Thanks to famous personalities in sports and showbiz, the Islamic practice of Hijama (Cupping) is catching on as a trendy idea and therefore a good business venture.  The large and circular purple marks that show on the body after undergoing the procedure have been spotted on Olympic Great Michael Phelps as well as on boxing mavericks Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Renowned athlete Alexander Naddour has given Cupping thumbs up for relieving the soreness associated with gymnastics and Anthony Joshua reportedly had Cupping done on him to enhance his performance.

Hollywood notables such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston and world renowned Victoria Beckham and Justin Bieber have also been seen spotting the trendy Cupping marks on their bodies. These and many other famous personalities are driving growing interest in Cupping from all over the world.  And therefore, Cupping is booming into a big business!

Thanks to media attention, Cupping is booming into a multimillion dollar industry. In the UK, practitioners charge up to £27 per Cupping session.  However, in the U.S the charge per session varies from $40-$80. It is common for practitioners to see up to 50 patients a month.

What Really Is Hijama (Cupping)?

The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is quoted in a hadeeth as saying “I did not pass by an Angel from the Angels on the Night Journey except that they all said to me; ‘Upon you is Hijama cupping, O Muhammad’”(Saheeh Sunan ibn Maajah -3477).

Hijama is an Arabic word that literally translates to “sucking”.  In Islam the term Hijama is used in reference to “Wet Cupping”-a procedure that uses tinny incisions on the skin to draw blood from the body into cups. Hijama helps in detoxifying the body thus restoring the Homeostatic balance necessary in making the body stable and strong. The toxins and other impurities removed from the body through Cupping allow the body to heal itself. Cupping is therefore a natural way to heal the body and fight off many diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure-diseases that are a source of discomfort for millions of people around the world.

Cupping has been proven as a pain remedy for neck, shoulder and back pain. It has cured serious headaches for a lot of people as well. The two types of Cupping mostly used are Dry Cupping and Wet Cupping. In both methods, a specialist sets fire to a flammable substance in a cup and places the cup on your body once the fire is out. The vacuum created in the cup as a result causes the skin to redden. In wet cupping, blood sips out through the tiny incisions made on the skin. Dry cupping does not require tiny incisions but instead leaves a deep massage feeling on the body.

For Muslims the world over, learning how to perform this procedure will not only help to revive a forgotten Sunnah, but it will also give its practitioners gainful employment.

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