How Should We Relate With Animals?

A true Muslim has compassion for all living things for he is secure in the knowledge that it is his Creator that created those living things as well. Below we bring you some Quranic verses that touches on animals and our dealings with them:

They ask thee what is lawful to them (as food).Say: lawful unto you are (all) things good and pure: and what ye have taught your trained hunting animals (to catch) in the manner directed to you by Allah. Eat what they catch for you, but pronounce the name of Allah over it: and fear Allah. For Allah is swift in taking account. (Surah Al-Maida, 4)

O ye who believe! Allah doth but make a trial of you in a little matter of game well within reach of your hands and your lances, that He may test who feareth him unseen: any who transgress thereafter, will have a grievous penalty. (Surah Al-Maida, 94)

O ye who believe! Kill not game while in the sacred precincts or in pilgrim garb. If any of you doth so intentionally, the compensation is an offering, brought to the Ka’ba, of a domestic animal equivalent to the one he killed, as adjudged by two just men among you; or by way of atonement, the feeding of the indigent; or its equivalent in fasts: that he may taste of the penalty of his deed.Allah forgives what is past: for repetition Allah will exact from him the penalty.For Allah is Exalted, and Lord of Retribution. (Surah Al-Maida, 95)

Allah made the Ka’ba, the Sacred House, an asylum of security for men, as also the Sacred Months, the animals for offerings, and the garlands that mark them: That ye may know that Allah hath knowledge of what is in the heavens and on earth and that Allah is well acquainted with all things. (Surah Al-Maida, 97)

And they say that such and such cattle and crops are taboo, and none should eat of them except those whom – so they say – We wish; further, there are cattle forbidden to yoke or burden, and cattle on which, (at slaughter), the name of Allah is not pronounced; – inventions against Allah’s name: soon will He requite them for their inventions. (Surah Al-Anam, 138)

They say: “What is in the wombs of such and such cattle is specially reserved (for food) for our men, and forbidden to our women; but if it is still-born, then all have share therein. For their (false) attribution (of superstitions to Allah. He will soon punish them: for He is full of wisdom and knowledge. (Surah Al-Anam, 139)

Of the cattle are some for burden and some for meat: eat what Allah hath provided for you, and follow not the footsteps of Satan: for he is to you and avowed enemy. (Surah Al-Anam, 142)

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