How The Prophet’s Migration to Medina Impacted Islam

The migration of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to Medina changed the position and spread of Islam to a great extend. The initial name of Medina was Yathrib but the Prophet renamed the city to Medinatul Munawwarah (The City of light). While in Medina, The Prophet ﷺ and his people eventually became a power which the Meccans had to contend with. The Muslims defeated the Meccans in many battles afterwards.  The Muslims’ migration to the city had a huge impact on Islam as it allowed the Muslims to form a community where the Prophet was at the helm of affairs. This laid the foundations for the future successes of Islam for many centuries that followed.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the events that hugely helped shape the religion and its people after the Prophet ﷺ  and his people migrated to the City of light .

#1. Bonds of Brotherhood

One of the first acts the Prophet ﷺ did after the Muslims arrival in Medina was forming a brotherhood between the migrants (Muhajirun) and their host, the Ansar (the helpers). This singular act laid the foundation for brotherhood, unity, uniqueness and compassion among the Muslims. The Muslim migrants would have faced a lot of financial difficulties if it were not for this act of creating bonds of compassion between the migrants and their hosts.  This trend that was adopted after the migration continues among Muslims to this day. Muslims all over the world see and regard each other through this prism of brotherhood that demonstrates the uniqueness, unity and beauty of Islam.

#2. The Call to Prayer

It was while in Medina that the need to call the ever growing Muslim community to prayer during each of the specified prayer times became more apparent. Bilal (May Allah Have Mercy on him) was appointed as the first muezzin to call out the beautiful words of the Adhan (call to prayer). Today, this call that was made 1438 years ago is made five times a day in hundreds of thousands of places across the world.

#3. Facing The Ka’bah During Prayer

It was while in Medina that Allah ordered the Prophet ﷺ and the Muslims to face the Qibla (direction toward the Ka’bah in Mecca). Before this they used to turn toward Jerusalem when praying. Today the entire Muslim Ummah faces the Ka’bah when praying.

#4. The Permission To Fight

The Muslims fought back against the non-believers only after Allah had given them the permission to fight back when they were threatened with attack from the Meccans.  This permission was made by Allah in the revelation where He Azawajala said:

“To those against whom war is made, permission is given to fight, because they are wronged and verily, Allah is more powerful for their aid.” Q22:39.

It was while in Medina that many people converted to Islam. States were conquered one after the other and Islam spread and soared to great heights. The migration thus turned a new page for Islam and Muslims. Today Muslims even owe their calendar to the migration from Mecca to Medina. Surely the migration of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his companions from Mecca to Medina leaves an indelible impact on Islam and the lives of its adherents.

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