How the Relationship Between Married Couples Affects the Upbringing of their Children

Once a man and a woman decide to tie the knot, the next most important decision relates to starting a family. It is the sole responsibility of couples to give full attention to their children even where one or both have jobs outside the house.

The child is like an extension of his or her parents and as such it is the parents’ responsibility to shape their children. Children grow up recording each and everything their parents do and they replicate what they see from their parents in their own intimate relationships.

Children from peaceful homes are different from those brought up in chaotic and violent homes. What some parents fail to understand is that their behavior have a direct impact on their children. What children need most is love and affection between their parents, as research suggests that the happiness of a child lies in the hand of his or her parents.

What are the things that make a child’s life memorable or tragic?


It is normal for married couples to have little arguments here and there, but it is also advisable for the parents to solve these problems easily without having very serious fights in front of their children. Problems between parents lead to the distraction of children in school.

Such situations make children not to be comfortable at home anymore as they are always afraid of what will happen between their parents next. Love and a sense of understanding between parents is the most important thing a child needs in his or her life.


When parents are considering a divorce, the children’s fear of what may happen next can make them feel uneasy. This can lead them to get involved in drugs and alcohol at a very early age.

For some children, the hanging clouds of divorce get them distracted to such an extent it may lead to poor academic performance. Some even drop out of school when the custodial parent is having financial issues. In worst case scenarios, some children go to the extent of blaming themselves for their parents’ divorce. For this reason, some children isolate themselves from people.

#3.Affection between parents

You can say that parents who are affectionate towards each other have the best and happiest families compared to those who are not. For a child, growing up and seeing your parents happy an affectionate towards each other is the best thing that can happen to them.


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