How to Become a Better Muslim

One must always have the ambition to be a better Muslim. This helps you get closer to Allah SWT and have a better relationship with Him. This can be done in a lot of ways. Affirming in your heart that God loves you is one way to go. It is important for every Muslim to know that Allah SWT, The All High, loves him or her. Allah SWT shows mercy to us each and every day and when we raise our hands in hope for forgiveness, He SWT will forgive us.

It is also important that we have a link with Allah SWT. We should try to always talk to God. One of the best ways to strengthen this bond is by talking to him on a daily basis. Though, we know that Allah SWT knows what is in the breast of men, it is still important to talk to Him as He does listen and this will keep the link strong. We should also perform our daily prayers. The Quran says, “set up Regular prayers: For such prayers are enjoined on believers at stated times.” (4:103). It is also one of the most important and fundament pillars of Islam. In addition to this, supplication is equally important. The Prophet Muhammad said that supplication is the “mind of worship.”

Indeed, only through and by God’s will does anything happen in the cosmos. Yet, that does not mean we, therefore, must not work and seek out God’s bounty. Sustenance will not just fall from the sky: we must work to get it, and in that work, we will find God’s blessing and sustenance will come to us. We cannot leave our valuables in full view in an unlocked car and ask God to protect it from theft. We should hide our valuables, lock the car, and then ask for God’s protection. Someone once asked the Prophet: “Should I tie my camel or rely upon God to protect it?” The Prophet answered: “Tie your camel, then rely upon God.”

One must try to give to Charity on a Regular Basis. Generosity was something that was encouraged by the Prophet SAW and he declared that “wealth is never decreased by giving charity.” It was worthy to give back to the less fortunate if Allah has bless you enough to have more than them as it also humbles oneself. Moreover, reading the Quran every day is essential. It is the word of Allah SWT and whenever we pick it up to read, He speaks to us. It is also important to refrain from telling lies the Prophet SAW who is an example to mankind was known as “The Trustworthy One.” He was never known to lie and said we should refrain from lying even when telling a joke.

Families are very important and another way to become a better Muslim is to keep your family ties strong. Once, someone asked the Prophet SAW about the family member who has cut him off. He replied that he should keep the tie strong, even if the other person wishes to cut it off. Try to reconcile with estranged family members, even if they were wrong. Neighbours are also important just like family and we should treat them with kindness. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said that “whoever believes in God and the Last Day should be honourable to his neighbour. “It is a commandment of Islam to treat your neighbours with kindness and generosity as it will yield a lot of benefits from Allah SWT.

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