How To Make Money Through Social Media

There are a lot of money-making opportunities to find on social media, more than you might think, after all, social media is quite lucrative. Everyone says social media is for connecting with people and not selling, but you will want to leverage the connections you create. Your followers are more inclined to take a lot of your recommendations and the links you share if you have built enough trust with them.

Here are several ways to make money on social media.

#1. Promote affiliate products

You can find great products to promote on ClickBank no matter what industry you are in and promote products you choose and earn a commission for it. The most effective way to promote affiliate products is through reviews. If you use a product that you like and know your followers can benefit from it, write a review or make a video of one. You could join Amazon’s Affiliate Program and make a percentage from any sales made from a link you have provided to Amazon. Promote an item and include an affiliate link to it on Amazon and whenever someone purchases an item you will get paid.

#2. Create and promote your own information of products

If you are a blogger and have demonstrated your expertise on a subject, there is an opportunity to create an audio program, eBook or video course for your audience. Social media platforms like Sellfy, Gumroad and Amazon’s KDP make it easy to publish and sell and PPDF, MP3 or video file at your chosen price, although the platform will take their cut.

#3. Promote your coaching or consulting services

You can generate leads for your consulting business, whether you are a piano teacher or a life coach, as long as you have the expertise, you can connect with your target market on social media. Coaching sessions can be done over Skype, so you do not even have to leave your house. Charge a fair price for your time, consulting is lucrative so do not undercut yourself. This strategy could work with selling information products, for those who want your advice are likely to have interests in eBooks you’ve made.

 #4.Tantalize customers with your product on Pinterest

Businesses can benefit from getting Pinterest users to “pin” their items on their boards. If you do not have a Pinterest account already, create one, engage by pinning enticing photos of your product to make people want to buy it.

#5. Run an online Instagram Shop

If you want to promote items on Instagram, it is pain-free to set up a shop by connecting your account to the service inSelly. You can even find a guide to walk you through the process on WikiHow.

#6. Copywriting

If you want to show off your language and grammar skills, Twitter and Facebooks can be a good way to do so. Proof that you are adept in a language of your choosing and get hired to write for a living.

 #7. Editing

Services like Twitter and Facebook are great proofs of concept for editors’skills with the written word. Through this, editors in particular find it successful to market themselves on social media.

#8. Manage Social Media

Lots of companiesare looking for people to handle their social media presence, though a fair share of those positions are internships, there are still many paid opportunities. Just search “social media” on job boards and see if anything interests you in your area.

 #9. Monetize a YouTube Channel

Besides making money through social media, you can turn yourself into a phenomenon. As long as you develop a large audience you will make a significant sum just off ad revenue from a YouTube channel, provided that you post something people will be interested in.

 #10. Sell rights to your photos

If you happen to be a great photographer, people will pay to use them. Use WikiHow for steps on how to sell photos you have posted on Flickr.

 #11. Sell your art

You can post original artwork on Tumblr or Instagram and get lots of responses and shares and if your art gains a large market, turn that interest into income by selling your art through online stores like Etsy or Big Cartel.

#12. Show your musical abilities on SoundCloud

One of the best places to get music noticed is SoundCloud. Becoming a star is not the easiest thing in the world but if you create a catchy tune, post it on SoundCloud and get clients flocking to you to create music on their radio or for a commercial.

There are various ways to make money via social media. It is a new field so more avenues are likely to open up eventually. Think about how you can utilize social media services for career growth or create a new one entirely.

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