Innovation at the core of its business ethos- Acer

Acer’s regional general manager said in a statement earlier today that the PC market will continue to function.

“If your machine is not working after four or five years, you are definitely going to buy a new PC. Because of the emergence of new technologies, we are encouraging more and more people to change their machine,” said Daniel Trachino, (General Manager for Acer Middle East and Africa (MEA)).

In previous years there were only two form factors for PC but now with technological advancement there are many form factors  such as tablets, 360 degree convertibles etc.

Battery life has also improved to 11 hours over the years.

“The PC market will continue to be flat or slightly down. In Western Europe and Pan America, the PC industry is positive. It is difficult to make a prediction in the MEA markets due to weak oil prices and geopolitical tensions. It is not the reality of the market,” Trachino.

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