The Muslim And Social Media

If you take a careful look at technology today, you will notice that social media is in the forefront of the innovations of the last few decades. For example, there are magazines, internet forums, web blogs, blogs, social blogs, micro blogs, the wikis, the social networks, podcasts, photos, videos, the ratings, social books and so many other things that we actually have not only the ability to source but also to influence their  making.

It is important to ensure that you use social media correctly, and through that you stand to win the pleasure of Subhanahu wa Ta’alla both in this world and the next.

Islam attaches very great importance to social interaction but within limits and for the right reasons. If you look at the Salah we are told by our Noble Prophet Muhammad (Salalahu Alaihi wa Salam) that the Salah in congregation is better than Salah read individually by 27 folds.

The reason for this is the interaction. You meet the people. You smile at them. The physical meeting is far more important than anything else. If we were to take the internet out of social network and make it physical then that would be better for us.

For example, take a look at the Jumuah Salah that is compulsory upon Muslim men. Take the two Eid as well. You will see that such important gatherings allow you to meet and greet your fellow Muslims.  .

Today you can just send a WhatsApp message and say you know what, I heard you are unwell. I’m praying for you. And so on. And do you know that you will get a similar reward?

If the person is far away, you would have visited them had they been nearer. But because of your busy schedules, if you were only able to message them you will be rewarded for messaging them, provided your intentions are right.

Allah has made it easy for you to earn as many rewards as possible before you meet with Him on the day of judgment.

It’s extremely important to know that this social interaction in Islam is definitely an act of worship if it is done correctly. It is extremely important to spend time with your parents, your children and other kin.

When you are away from home, how many messages do you send home? How many WhatsApp messages do you send home? Do you Skype your children?

We however use the same platforms to commit sins because we’ve allowed the devil to overcome us.

Remember, pornography is something that would destroy your peace. It is something that might soothe your lusts but it snatches away your light. So therefore, stay away from it.

And worse is when you forward obscene things even as a joke to others.

The Prophet (Salalahu Alaihi wa Salam) says:
“whoever sets a bad example, whoever has started a bad trend, they will bear the burden of it and the burden of everyone else as a result who has been affected by it, or who drops into it up to the Last Day. And that would be not decreasing the burden from anyone of them.”

This is something very dangerous. So remember, never forward anything obscene. Desist from engaging in anything that will earn you the anger of Allah.

When next you go on social media, remember that Allah is watching.

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