Islam: Fulfilling your promises

Fulfillment of promise, Is an essential part of a Muslim’s Conduct. When a muslim undertakes a thing, he should respect the undertaking. When he enters into any contract, he should honour it till the last. This is the demand of the faith that when a man talks of any enterprise, he should have the intention of taking it to completion, “like the water which does not rest till it flows down to the lower level”. He should be known among the people as a man of reliable promises, and there should be no fear of any breach of promises or of any dubious dealing from him.

Fulfillment of promise is necessary. Similarly when an oath is taken, it should be redeemed. But this fulfillment of promise or the redeeming of the oath and pledge is necessary when the dealing is legitimate and concern truth, otherwise honouring the promise in connection with something sinful and disobedience to Allah has no value, and The Messenger of Allah has said:  “If someone has taken an oath, saw an aspect of goodness in another thing, he may break his oath and pay compensation (atonement), and should perform the act which is better and has goodness”. For this reason no promise and covenant is proper and correct except in rightful matters. When a man has promised to do a certain good thing, then he should try his best to fulfill it, as long as it appears good to him. He should very well know that he stick to manly talk, faith and belief. There is no room in this for breach of promises or doubts and hesitation. All muslims should  determine the essential for the fulfillment of promise in Islam.

Fulfillment of promises play a very significant role in Islam, fulfilling one’s promises would be easy. Allah had taken a promise from Adam that he would not go near the forbidden tree, but Adam forgot the promise within a few days. He became a prey to weakness and broke his promise. “ We had already beforehand taken the covenant of Adam, but he forgot; and We found on his part no firm resolve.” It shows that deficiency in memory and weakness of determination are two obstructions which come in the way of performance of duty. If man has a strong memory in respect of fulfilling his promise, it is also necessary that he should have a determination to do so. A determination which should not have any laxity or slackness in this matter- a determination which should be able to overcome all the rebellious desires, and which should lighten the coming burden of difficulties. It should be a determination which should be able to cross all the difficult valleys and blocks and should be able to set an example of selfness sacrifice for others. At times one requires to sacrifice all the wealth,  property and the most desired thing in the respect of fulfilling promises. But the difficulties, sacrifice and trials of determination prove in the end to be the steps for achieving greatness and honour. Promise given to everybody should be fulfilled by all means, whether the other party is a Muslim or an infidel. As a Muslim, one has to fulfill his/her promise and engage in straight dealings. May Allah Grant us the memory that reminds us to fulfill promises.Ameen

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