Islamic Tourism And The Hotel Industry

Islamic tourism is a fast growing, high potential segment of the tourism industry. The purchasing power of Muslim tourists is already an established and significant market on a global scale, delivering hundreds of billions in GDP and millions of jobs.

The growth of Islamic tourism supports output and employment in both emerging and mature regions, increasing prosperity while broadening the horizons and experiences of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Muslim tourists are a huge commercial opportunity, but also deliver important socioeconomic benefits across the world.

The development of a the local economy can be enhanced through the contribution of Hotels, as the tourist or guests who are staying in the hotel, may prefer to spend on the services close to the hotel patronizing smaller local businesses.

The involvement of Sharia compliance in hotels will contain value for development, management and marketing. These practices must differentiate between properties in Muslim countries and even non Muslim countries alike. The high demand from Muslims can provided much need inflows to economies and societies.

Therefore, the hotel industries or companies need to understand and be sensitive to the differences between tastes and preferences for their Muslim and Non-Muslim clients.

The Muslim friendly hospitality services are products or services in the travel and tourism industry guided by Shariah requirements that provide facilities suitable for Muslim travelers.

The most important characteristic of an Islamic hotel is that it must be Halal and it’s very important for hotel proprietors to understand and meet all Halal requirements.

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