Jeddah Hosts Chefs Exhibit

The 6th annual Hotel Show Saudi Arabia this year took place at the Jeddah Center for Forums and Events, from April 10th to 12th. A number of live kitchens were set across the floor of the show displaying the newest international and local products and trends in the sector of F&B (food and beverage).

The second edition of the Inter Hotel Culinary Competition was also staged at the event under the guidance of Worldchefs, the Saudi Arabian Chefs Association and culinary partner Unilever Food Solutions.

The Unilever Food Solutions had its own dedicated kitchen where a number of newC recipes and products were unveiled to the Saudi market during live demonstrations.

The executive chef Middle East, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Unilever, Chef Jean Van Der Westhuizen said that the Saudi Food industry grows differently to other markets. He said that there have always been a growing popularity for imported international brands in the kingdom and they can see that these brands have started to keep up more closely to the unique needs of the Saudi diners.

Westhuizen noted that the Hotel Show Saudi Arabia gave them the chance to work together with other industry leaders to identify their needs and wants, and share the state-of-the-art international and local trends and insights.

He also said that they are seeing that managers and owners of high-end hotels and restaurants, as well as business-class travel are seeking to improve their guests experience through high quality natural flavors, and they also care about every detail of the service. He added that Pure Leaf, a premium tea brand that is popular in the US, is a great fit for this purpose.

Chef Westhuizen said that beverages that are less sugar-based are increasingly important. He said that therefore their launch of Lipton Freshly Brewed Ice Tea offered a great alternative to soft drinks for the more health conscious dinner.

Unilever Food Solutions also used the show to highlight its latest product in its foods portfolio, which is the “Knorr Tomato Powder”, a product that transforms 88 dehydrated tomatoes into 6.7 liters of rich tomato sauce in just a minute.

The team from Unilever also shared advice for Ramadan at the event, concentrating on areas such as inspirational buffet recipes, monitoring dish consumption to managing costs and reducing waste.

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