Justin Trudeau And His Wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau World’s New Political Power Couple

Canada’s general elections saw what happens; when the will of the people, finds a true genuine leader.  It resulted in landslide win for the Liberal Party and the most promising young leader in the world, Justin Trudeau. With this victory, he not only destroyed Stephen Harper’s lackluster performance but also he ended the almost 10-year-rule of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).
This win clearly tells you the accuracy of exit poll or so call political pundits who placed Justin between third, second and first place throughout the campaign. Stephen Harper knew his fate and did his best, to make sure things didn’t turn out well for Justin and his party.  It was evident when elections staff didn’t show up on time, or had scrupulous and difficult demands for voter identification, way and beyond what was required historically.To bundle it up,  some voters claimed they received premarked or spoiled ballots.


You can plan all you want but destiny is a seasoned player in restoring humanity and Stephen Harper was no match for it.


In the battle between hope and compassion-less :

Justin Trudeau’s destiny was to take Canada back to the values it was built on. This battle between hope (Justin Trudeau) and compassion-less (Stephen Harper) clearly states, good guys can and will win.


Stephen Harper did his best to bend the process and will of the people but despite all of that, the Liberal Party has usurped the Conservative majority, with Harper stepping down as the leader of the CPC and conceding defeat. It is not the end of elections but the real start,  for Trudeau and his party.  There is a lot of work to be done, Canada was considered a poster child for the world, Stephen Harper took it back to the stoppages.

This is the will of the people

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party swept to power in a stunning victory over the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, taking 184 seats. Canadians in every province voted for Liberal candidates, who won in striking victories in greater Toronto and Quebec.
It is courage and great vision when one of the first conversations you have is with the worlds most powerful man and you have no hesitation in putting your views on the table.

Trudeau had a “very warm conversation” with US president Barack Obama about the countries climate change goals, the Keystone pipeline, the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, strengthening bilateral relations – and Trudeau’s hair.

It is believed by many; Steven Harper was running Canada based on his own best interest. He wanted to make friends in high places, which will pay dividends long after he departs from the seat of Prime Minister. On contrast, Trudeau is the people prince, he openly told Obama about what he wants. He also made it very clear to Obama, the view of Canadians on wars,

Trudeau said Obama “understands” his commitment to withdraw Canada’s fighter jets from Iraq and Syria, but did not offer a timeline.

His first message to the nation was clear. When asked how he felt about the Liberals’ smashing victory, Trudeau responded:


“I feel good about how the campaign went. I feel good about the kind of messages that we were able to share with Canadians and the response they gave to message of pulling people together in a positive way …

“I’m also very, very aware of both the opportunity and the responsibility that we have to live up to, having put forward a strong vision for growth, for unity, for positivity in this country.We now get to start working on delivering that.”

It is not often a politician delivers on the promises he makes during the election. Trudeau, 43, and his team set the bar high in their campaign platform, He committed to increasing – and fast-tracking – the number of Syrian refugees brought into Canada from 10,000 to 25,000, boosting foreign aid, scrapping Canada’s purchase of F-35 fighter jets, and ending the country’s combat efforts in the US-led coalition in Iraq.

Within months he delivers on it :

Trudeau’s long process of making mark on the Canadian political landscape has already started. He delivers on his pre-election promise showing the voters they made the right call.

Just this week alone, this is what the world media and leaders are calling Justin Trudeau:

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Just Gave U.S. Politicians a Refreshing Lesson in Compassion,” was the headline on the GQ website

You can read why people north of the border are talking about Trudeau and what they are saying here.


“Prime Minister’s reaction to refugees arriving in Canada will be a highlight in world history.” It suggested this welcoming approach was likelier to win the hearts and minds of the Muslim public. “Absolutely love the warmth, love, and compassion I see being shown toward weary Syrian refugees in Canada. .WelcomeToCanada is so powerful!”

It has prompted a background story on who is.

Who Is Trudeau?

He was born to take Canada back to the forefront of humanity.  The Liberal Party defeat in 2011 is no secret. A party, which produced so many Canadian Prime Ministers didn’t fair well in 2011, due to Steven Harper’s dirty politics. The party needed a saviour and  young Justin Trudeau come forward as the prince on the white horse. Stephen Harper and his team played a strong pr campaign trying to discredit, and put doubt in peoples head.  Typical messages they promoted were :

Does Trudeau have the wisdom — he’s only 43 — or the experience to take the reins of the Liberal Party, let alone run the country as its Prime Minister. He’d only entered politics in 2008 as the member of Parliament for the Montreal riding, or electoral district, of Papineau. He had also previously been a teacher and activist, not a lawyer or a business leader like some of his political peers.

But he was no stranger to politics and had a historic legacy to live up to — his father was Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, a Canadian leader of legendary proportions who helped usher in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and official bilingualism throughout the country.

A tall order by any standards, he was the hope of Canadians and the public now looked to Justin the younger Trudeau as a political Saviour. He already knew how to handle the pressure and the press because of how he grew up.  During the election campaign, Stephen Harper ill founded ways tried to put it in peoples mind that Trudeau simply didn’t have the intellectual capacity of his father — a lawyer and professor — and wouldn’t be able to lead the nation with the same vision and decisiveness.

In the war of evil vs good, evidently, these qualms were not enough to stop Canadians electing Trudeau as the country’s new Prime Minister.

In his victory speech in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Montreal, Trudeau said Canadians had spoken loudly in favour of a government


“with a vision and an agenda for this country that is positive and ambitious and hopeful”.

“I will make that vision a reality” he said. “I will be that prime minister.”

He is already moving fast towards delivering on his promise. This is going to be history in making, Justin and his wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau with their actions are already the world’s new political power couple.

They have the looks, intelligence but most importantly, they have the love of the Canadian public. If there was a fair leader who leads with compassion to change humanity for better. Justin Trudeau is it.

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