Leading Parents to The Right Part

Whenever we see our parents doing something wrong, either engaging in arguments or highly prohibited things in Islam, we feel uncomfortable and may want to stop them from engaging in such deeds. For many however, there are few questions that may arise.

“How can I tell my parents that what they are doing is wrong?” “How do I show them the right part?” These are just a few questions that may creep in to your mind.  In trying to correct your parents, do not feel that you are insulting or disrespecting them by telling them the truth. Remember that every child has a rights and duties.

It is your duty to tell your parents, albeit in a very respectable way, that they are engage in a sin. Abandoning this duty would not help them in any way.

Most people are really wary about starting this particular conversation with their parents, because they anticipate that it won’t go smoothly or they are just scared that they will not handle it well. It’s easy to understand why children feel shy, especially when they have high regard for their parents.

Here is a guide on how to talk to parents when leading them to the right part

  • First of all, when you decide to talk to your parents, call them respectfully and ask them to spare you some of their time. When you are given this, you can start by talking to them in a nice and respectful manner. They will tend to listen to everything you have to say and they will realize that they have been wrong. This way they will try to change and adopt a better lifestyle.
  • Your passion to see any of your parent trade in their bad habit for a good one should not give you a license to shout at them. Never shout at your parents even where they do wrong.

Don’t curse or do something that will make them feel worse. If you see them going against Islam, either they don’t pray or they indulge in acts that are forbidden in Islam, your duty is to talk to them nicely. Talk to them and if they don’t listen, you go out and call respected elders and explain your situation; they will come and talk to your parents as peers.  This way, they will see the truth.

Do all you can to help guide your parents to the true Islam and you shall be blessed and rewarded by Allah.

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