Lessons from the Battle of Badr

It is the narrated that the Prophet (Salalahu Alaihi Wa Salam) fought more than ten famous battles and the first of these great battles is known as the battle of Badr. The battle was fought after the migration of the Prophet and his companions to Medina. The Meccans knew that the migration of the Prophet will spread Islam in the world and in order to avert that, they organized themselves to fight the Prophet so that they could kill him.

Despite the evil intentions of the Kuffar (disbelievers) of Mecca, Allah the creator, the most powerful and the protector of the bless religion did let their evil mechanization to come to fruition. It is said that the Prophet defeated the unbelievers in all the battles he fought against them.

The battle of Badr was as result of the ego of the unbelievers. They were bent on wiping out the Prophet and Islam from the face of the earth. Therefore the Meccans put together their wealth in the caravan that was going to Syria and they agreed that the profits gained from the trade that year will be used to equip themselves in the fight against the Muslims.

The caravan was headed by Abu Sufyan, the leader of Mecca at the time. He suspected that the Muslims might be on their way and sent a messenger to Mecca asking for more soldiers in case of any attack. But when he knew that the caravans were saved, he sent another messenger asking them to return because the caravans were saved. Soon after the second messenger arrived, the leader of the Quraishite Abu Jahl, who hated the Prophet and the Islamic religion to the core of his heart, insisted that they should continue to finish Muhammad and the Muslims at once.  They went forth and camped at the stream of Badr.

Now the news reached Medina that the caravan was coming from Syria and the well-equipped soldiers of 1000 were marching toward Medina. This caused much anxiety as the Muslims have only two alternatives. Either to fall upon the Quraishite caravans coming from Syria or March out to face the well-equipped men coming from Mecca.

The Muslims came out and met the Meccans at Badr and fought the first battle on the 17th of Ramadan, the second year A.H. The Muslims were 314 ill-equipped men against 1000 well equipped soldiers from Mecca. But the Muslims defeated them.

The Moral Lessons From The Battle of Badr
#1.Do not Transgress the Limits Set By Allaah

One should not transgress for Allah does not love transgressors. The Muslims won the battle regardless of their ill-equipped men because they were defending themselves. Those claiming that the Muslims attacked the caravans do so in falsehood.

#2.Consult Each other relating to the affairs of the Muslims
People should always learn to consults their partners as the Prophet did with his companions before facing the Meccans.

#3.Ask for Allah’s Help

Allah helps his devotees whenever they ask for His help. One may wonder how the ill-equipped men of 314 were able to defeat the well-equipped men of 1000. It is out of the power of Allah.

When his servant Prophet (Salalahu Alaihi Wa Salam) asked for his help as narrated in the Quran. Allah said:

“Remember ye implored the assistance of your lord and he answered you. I will assist you with a thousand of angles ranks on ranks. And Allah made it but a message of hope and assurance to your hearts (in any case) there is no help except from Allah. And Allah is exalted in power, Wise.” Q8:9-10.

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