Makkah Governor Opens First Phase of Solar Plant in Taif

Makah governor, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, inspected work on the new Taif project on the first stop on a tour to the eastern governorates. The project, carried out by the center for development, consists of a new airport, Okaz city, the Technical Oasis, a residential suburb, industrial city and University City.

Prince Khaled Al-Faisal launched the unified center for services, which will house the governorates, police and the electricity power plant that will provide electricity for citizens in the province.

Work on the airport which is expected to receive six million visitors a year, began last September. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) signed a contract for the development and operation of the union of Contractors Company, in addition to the Munich airports company. The project is expected to be completed in 2020. The residential suburb will contain 3,919 units and 6,670 villas.

The Makah governor further went and discussed work on Okaz city and reviewed the industrial city project, the first in the governorate. About SR120 million has been allocated to the first phase of the development. He also opened the first phase of the Solar Power Plant in the technical oasis in Taif. The eco-friendly plant will provide power to 1,000 houses and the projects of the Technical Oasis.

Prince Khaled inspected business incubator centers in Taif. By 2020, the project is envisaged to assist 600 companies throughout the country.

The prince also inspected a project to build and assemble Antonov aircraft. The project, which will improve national security and boost aircraft production in the kingdom, will also provide 10,000 jobs to citizens and residents.

In the first phase of Antonov aircraft, light transport planes will be manufactured while production on heavy aircraft is expected to follow in the second phase of the project.

Prince Khaled also inspected the progress of work in the University City. The city will host students and teachers dorms, a university hospital which will make it possible for students and teachers to live comfortably. The city will also include pharmacy, businessmedical, and engineering and computer science faculties.

Sources say that prince Khaled will visit local councils in the governorates of Taif, Mayan and Al-Muhiyah to review development projects there. He will also meet residents to listen to their demands.


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