Meet Patrick Finnegan: A 19 Year Old Helping To Manage Millions Shares 3 Keys To His Success

Patrick Finnegan is a nineteen-year-old and is not your typical venture capitalist.

This young talent moved to New York in pursuit of a better job in the big city, where he earned $80,000 building websites for companies and ran a side business creating fake IDs for the under-21 crowd.

As part of the Manhattan based venture capital firm Studio VC, the nineteen-year-old assists in making strategic business decisions alongside his team, which includes former Credit Agricole and Samsung executives and established venture capitalists. The firm has made an investment of $3 million to date, he reported.

“I’m not a Harvard Business School graduate,” Finnegan said. “The way I look at a company is very different. I look at it as how my generation relates to it, I look at it as how relevant it is. Is it trendy? Is there longevity to it?”

Patrick Finnegan was asked about his salary figure but the nineteen-year-old preferred keeping it a secret, but sources say that he makes “close to six figures”. He said it’s due to his amazing work ethics, social skills and predisposition that he was able to achieve such level of success. Although his family gave him a kick-start as they helped him out with financial need to move to the big city, Patrick claims that he is self-made.

The following are a few lessons he learned on his journey to success.

#1. You should follow through

“I moved to New York — I was caught up, I was talking the talk and not walking the walk. And I quickly realized if I want to be this real big businessman in a few years and at a young age, I need to deliver,” Finnegan said.

“I would say what’s really important is delivery,” he added.

#2. Talk less, listen more

“You’ve got to keep things close to your chest. Even though sometimes you feel like you want to tell everyone everything, it’s better to say less and just observe,” he said. “Not talking about all of your moves on social media is important. Because if all the moves you make are public, then you don’t really have anything that special.”

#3. Always work hard

“We have more access than ever before with the internet,” Finnegan said. “Go out there and pursue your dreams.” he said.

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