Meet Rumana Ahmed- A Former Advisor To the White House

Rumana is of Bangladeshi decent but she was raised in Maryland. As a child growing up, she enjoyed playing basketball, travelling and hanging out with friends. She lived a simple normal life of a child but everything changed after the 9/11 attack.

Rumana Ahmed

Islamophobia was at its peak and every Muslim living in The United States had to face the struggle. She was called all sorts of names especially when she goes out covered with a head scarf.

However, she learned to live with that and never allowed it to weigh down her mental well-being.

Rumana never liked the idea of government job but everything changed the day she heard one of President Barack Obama’s speech about hope and change.

She started to work at the white house in 2009 as an intern and with hard work and dedication got promoted.

When she got to the White House, it was a completely different experience. Rumana was empowered. She was the only hijab wearing lady and people always asked of her opinion and perspectives. She was valued but most importantly, she knew she had to also work towards the greater good.

Whoever thought a young girl that was mocked will get the chance to work at the White House?

On one of her speeches she gave a routine on how to build and conquer. She advised everyone to pay by rules no matter how hard the ride gets- It is the only way to survive.

Rumana is lived her dream with a hijab.

She is lived the dream of many!

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