Meet Shamsia Hassani (The First female graffiti artist in the streets of Kabul)

When we talk of graffiti. We think of bridges, buildings, train stations and a lot more!

We then think about fine art and of course colourful paintings.

Have you ever thought about graffiti placed on war scarred walls?

No right?!

Me either!

Meet Shamsia Hassani. She is the first female graffiti artist whose work is done on war scared walls.

Shamsia was born in Tehran but at a later stage of her life, she migrated to Afghanistan. She showed passion for paining at a very young age but during those times, painting was not permitted in Afghanistan. She later had to move back to Tehran in pursuit for a degree in fine art and with this aim, she got admitted at the Kabul University.

After attaining her degree, Shamsia returned back to the Kabul University to take up a job and she is now a lecturer, lecturing oil painting. She is also a fine arts lecturer that engages in graffiti art.

Shamsia uses her designs to show people the war, more as something that washes away the memories of war which took place years ago. She also mainly uses vibrant colours, shapes and figures. In December 2010, she became the first female artist to practice graffiti on the walls of Kabul. She also believes that art is stronger than war.

She is now known to organize annual graffiti workshops in which she tries to make people view art from a positive angle. She is also the only artist that tries to exhibit her work to the general public. Her work entails paintings of traditional women, symbolic shapes and fishes.

She is also an activist and makes her voice to be heard with her paintings. Part of her activist paining include women in Burqas.

In 2009, Shamsia was also one of the 10 top artist in Afghan Contemporary Arts Prize and she is also one of the founders of Berang Arts Organization.

These are the type of women we like to see in the world!

We hope to write about more!

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